22 Racing Series - RTS-Racing

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a game by GOATi Entertainment
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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22 Racing Series - RTS-Racing
22 Racing Series - RTS-Racing
22 Racing Series - RTS-Racing
22 Racing Series - RTS-Racing

While 22 Racing Series | RTS-Racing is clearly hoping to edge its way into the esports world, I think that this is one of the most interesting racing sims to be released in quite some time. I know that at first glance this looks like a high-speed arcade style of racer that were huge in the late 90s and early 00s, but there is a real level of depth to the actual racing in this game that makes it something which is very different to all the other racing sims that are on the market these days.

Can An F1 Car Drive Upside Down?

I think the whole premise of 22 Racing Series | RTS-Racing is a lot of fun. There was a study or something like that done that revealed an F1 car driving at its highest speed could actually drive upside down. That is the premise basically for the kind of racing that we have going on here. The people behind the game tried to make it happen and they came up with a fun way to put it into a racing game and that is something I think is pretty damn cool.

Wipeout Meets Gran Turismo

That is not some clever quip that I have come up with. On the official 22 Racing Series | RTS-Racing site, they flat out say this is what they were going for with this game. The tracks in this game are insane and you will be hauling ass down the track and the twist here is that these tracks allow you to drive on the walls and even go upside down. It sounds like it should be arcade style, but there is a lot of skill involved here as you have to navigate the track perfectly to get the best times and finish the highest you can.

Race On Your Own Or As A Team

One area that I am very interested to see just what this game is going to offer when it is done is the content. You can play 22 Racing Series | RTS-Racing on your own as you compete in various tournaments or you can be part of a team where you guys work together to try and take over the online racing world. They clearly have made this game with playing competitively in mind so I am very interested to see how much content the final version of the game is going to offer in terms of single player content.

A Gear Heads Paradise

Another thing that is pretty unique in 22 Racing Series | RTS-Racing is that you can obtain racing upgrades mid-race! You need to gather resources as you progress through the track and these can be used to help boost your car to give you an edge in the race. There are also things on the track (that they call track upgrades) which also add another element of strategy to the game. I think that there is something really special here with the actual racing in the game and that is what I think is going to make this something that hooks many people.


I am pretty sure that the potential for 22 Racing Series | RTS-Racing to be a huge hit is here. I think that the actual racing action in this game is leaning more towards the simulation style of racing, even though you can race on the damn ceiling. I am very interested to see how this game plays out once it is fully complete. I think the bones here for a solid racing game are here, I just wonder how much content there will be for those who want to play this on their own.


  • Driving on the walls and the ceiling is cool!
  • I like how this is more skill based
  • You can upgrade your cars and tracks mid race
  • It has a real emphasis on multiplayer and that is interesting


  • I do wonder how much single player content there will be
  • They do seem pretty focused on stuff like NFTs and esports and that does raise a couple of red flags

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Do you like the idea of a wild rainbow of visuals paired with cross-genre mechanics in your racing games? We think you might like the concept behind 22 Series Racing - RTS-Racing. The game gives the impression of diving into familiar territory. Yet, it's also taking a giant leap to deliver something new to the racing genre experience.

22 Series Racing | RTS-Racing has been in development for a while without a release date. This is possibly due to the tenderness, love, and care being put in the game. But it could also mean that it's stuck in a rut as the designers try to give purpose to a genre that's kind of stale. We'll preview what we know about the game and make that decision for ourselves.

The Racetrack of the Future

Let's face it, there have been plenty of racing games of the future that come off more as developers' portfolio pieces than actual viable games. The concept of 'future' is liberal enough for interpretation. If something is off with the mechanics - designers can cover over it as 'innovative.' However, there's seems to be a sense of passion behind 22 Series Racing | RTS-Racing. That could tip it over the edge as being a decent racing game.

The standout quality of gameplay so far is the physics. These elements are realistic in the sense that cars going 1000 k/m can loop around tubular racetracks. Not to mention, getting involved is some pretty wild crashes. 22 Series Racing | RTS-Racing aims to capture all this with a straightforward racing experience draped in sci-fi visuals.

Yes, it's an elementary competitive racer tweaked to make the experience more thrilling. The intriguing part of the came is the customization elements where players can build their own racer. The marketplace will feature all sorts of components where racers can earn, trade, and create their best vehicle. It will be fascinating to see how that pans out.

Finally, the developers give an intriguing premise to the game. 22 Series Racing | RTS-Racing promises to have 'real-time strategy mechanics incorporated into the game. It's hard to see them in what we've been offered so far, but I guess we'll just have to take their word for it. The idea does make the upcoming release exciting, though.

Versatile as a 22

22 Series Racing | RTS-Racing seems to be a casual game that can get quite an audience on board if the developers play their cards right. The game is self-proclaimed to be Gran Turismo meets WipeOut, meets Starcraft - and Monopoly! How on earth that's going to work, we don't know. It's looking like a souped-up version of F-Zero at the moment.


At this point, we can't tell if the game is just being polished or in development hell. We still don't have a release date yet. However, we'll watch news of 22 Series Racing | RTS-Racing with great interest. If anything, the gameplay looks to at least spice up the racing genre.


  • Lots of work put into making the physics right
  • The intriguing cross-genre premise for a racing game
  • The online parts marketplace gives the game a lot to work for


  • No release date yet

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