Ashley The Pirate

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a game by YioruYioru
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 9.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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Ashley The Pirate
Ashley The Pirate
Ashley The Pirate
Ashley The Pirate

Ahoy matey’s, welcome to our ship shape Ashley The Pirate review. Is this review going to be full of terrible and forced pirate puns? You bet your sweet peg leg it is! In all seriousness, this is a fantastic lewd RPG and a game that put a smile on this old sea dog's face the whole time he played it. I tell you an evening with this, a bottle of rum, and a guy walking the plank at midnight makes for the perfect evening!

A Princess Looking For A King

One of the things that I liked about the game was the story. Ashley The Pirate as you would expect is a pirate themed story about a chick called Ashley, however, it is more complex than just that! You see, she is not only a beauty with a super firm booty! Ashley is also a princess, a princess that has shipwrecked on an island and has turned to piracy in order to find her father, the king. The writing here is fun, and witty and I liked how it poked fun at pirate tropes.

A Hero Or A Scoundrel?

A morality system is nothing new in a lewd RPG, but Ashley The Pirate has one of the better morality systems I have seen in a game in quite some time. You can play it all straight and help people, be a hero, and try to find your dad the right way. Or, you can be a ruthless cutthroat pirate that is so bad, that a bounty will be put on your head and people will try and bring you down! It makes for a very interesting game in that it gives you a reason to play through it more than once as the way things unfold can be different in places depending on the morality you have.

A Pirate Life For Me

Ashley The Pirate is one of the most fun and engaging lewd RPGs I have played recently. The map is a very impressive size and you can go and explore many different areas. One moment you are in a little town the next a casino, the casino part of the game by the way was my favorite! There is combat and of course, that morality system also can affect the gameplay. If you get caught, you go to jail and here you need to decide if you will just serve your time or offer your services to others to try and get out a bit earlier and have a better time in jail!

Swabbing Her Decks!

Ok, no more pirate puns I promise! Anyway, Ashley The Pirate is a great looking game. It has that typical top down lewd RPG look at first glance, but the character sprites and the different locations have a ton of personality to them. The pirate theme is awesome and the game has been regularly updated adding cool new content like costumes to the game. The XXX stuff here is great, you do sometimes see the same sex scene, but with a different character, but when it is this good who cares! There is pretty much every kind of sex you could want here and I feel that the game is very generous in regards to how often it gives you some lewd content.


I had an absolute blast playing through Ashley The Pirate! This is such a fun lewd RPG and while I have said RPG about a million times in this review, you do not actually need to be a fan of the genre to enjoy it. From the exploration to the combat to the morality system to the epic lewd content. This is a game that pretty much excels at most things that it does. I am so glad I finally took the time to play this as I had an awesome time!


  • I thought Ashley was a cute and fun main character
  • The lewd content is awesome and animated!
  • I liked the whole pirate theme and the exploration aspect of the game
  • It is a fun and lighthearted romp that anyone can enjoy


  • The sex sound effects are way too loud!
  • The music has a bit of weird reverb to it that bugged me a little

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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