Bad Manners Part 2

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a game by Skaz
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Bad Manners Part 2
Bad Manners Part 2
Bad Manners Part 2
Bad Manners Part 2

Let me just say that Bad Manners – Part 2 is a game that will make you look at your most beloved Disney characters in a very, very different way! This is an NSFW lewd game that is currently being funded via Patreon and it is also a game that as far as I know is still being updated as I write this review. I know that the idea of sexualizing Disney characters is not for everyone, but this is actually a very well-made game that will certainly make an impression on you!

Hans, The Headmaster

I will start by saying that while playing the first Bad Manners game is not essential, I do feel that you will have a better appreciation for the story here if you have. Bad Manners – Part 2 has you once again playing as that dastardly Hans from the first game (and the villain from Frozen) you tried to take the throne in the first game, while banging Elsa and Anna of course.

In this game, a mysterious person offers you the chance to be a headmaster at a special school for ladies. The catch is that you need to mold these ladies... into girls who are willing to do anything if you know what I am saying. There are many different classic characters here ranging from the two from Frozen, Dorothy, and even the freaking Genie from Aladdin. The game is great with its characters and it will keep you playing, not just because you are invested in what is happening, but because you want to see what other Disney characters may show up next!

Once Upon A Time

Bad Manners – Part 2 as you have probably guessed is best described as a visual novel style of game. A great deal of what you will be doing here is reading the story. However, you also have a lot to do. This is also a point and click adventure style of game. So, yes you will have to make some dialogue choices as you play the game. You also have to select things, pay attention to what people say, and so on in order to ensure that you do the right thing. There are many guides online for this game because it is so demanding of what it wants from the player.

I am not saying it is “hard” or anything like that, but if you want to see how naughty these girls can be, you will have to pay attention to what they say as they do drop a lot of clues about what you are supposed to do in order to move things forward.

Disney’s Animators Studio!

The presentation of the game is great. I already liked what they did with the first game and this is more of the same. I am pretty sure they have reused the majority of the character models.

There is a little bit of animation here, but I do feel it could have done with more. The game has a cartoon/comic book style of look to it and I like it. I do feel that as this is a XXX take on the world of Disney, they could have brightened things up a bit.


I went into Bad Manners – Part 2 interested to see where the story was going to go. I liked the first game and feel that this is a great follow on and they were able to do a bit more interesting things with the story here. While the game can be played on its own, I do feel you will appreciate it more if you played the first game. I get the whole Disney thing may put some people off, but it is done very well.


  • Disney characters have never looked sexier!
  • It is a great follow on from the last game
  • The gameplay is deeper than you would think
  • I liked the twist that the story took
  • The game is still getting stuff tweaked and worked on


  • I do feel the colors could have been brighter
  • I would recommend playing through the first game before this

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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