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Sega Genesis SNES

Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition

Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition Game
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Don't miss your chance to compete in the most realistic fishing game for the Genesis. Featuring pro bass anglers George Cochran, Shaw Grigsby Jr., Gary Klein, Tom Mann Jr., Dee Thomas and Kevin VanDam, BASS MASTERS CLASSIC PRO EDITION brings world championship bass fishing indoors! Compete as one of six actual pro fishermen or as an amateur enthusiast in the Bass Masters Classic. Fish the waters in five three-day tournaments at five different lakes. Rich graphics recreate the outdoor fishing experience in vivid detail. Choose your rod, reel, lure, and even boat engine.

Bass Hunter 64

Go fishing in the great outdoors with Bass Hunter 64! Reel in a record-setting bass in tournament mode. 3D rendered environments, complete with native wildlife, and geographically accurate landscapes.
Nintendo 64

Bass Masters Classic

Now when you can’t get out to the lake, you can go fishing on your PC with Bass Masters Classics.

Sega Bass Fishing

The sun rises across the lake; the fetid scent of bait wafts though the air.

Big Bass Fishing

Hey, lookie here ' it's another fishing game for the PlayStation. So what's so special about this one? Nothing really, and it seems the developers knew this by making your character a skimpily dressed bombshell.

Bass Landing

I think all gamers out there have a type of game that they really enjoy that other gamers may mock them for.

The Black Bass

You guide your boat silently to a tempting spot on your favorite lake.