Cloud Meadow

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a game by Team Nimbus
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.7/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 8.8/10 - 91 votes
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Cloud Meadow
Cloud Meadow
Cloud Meadow

You know, Cloud Meadow has been in early access for the better part of four years as I write this and I just went back and fired up the game after probably a year and I was kind of shocked at how little had been added to the game. Now, the premise here is fantastic a hybrid lewd farming, dating, and dungeon crawler RPG style of game and there is a lot of good here in the game, I just wish it would get over the finishing line already!

A Farmers Life For Me

The story of Cloud Meadow has a real lightheartedness to it and that is something I liked. We play as someone that is called a “Frontiersman” and we have just moved to our new home and we have a very important job to do. We need to help the community by providing them with the produce that we grow on our farm and helping them with any tasks or jobs that they need. It has a very Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley kind of vibe to it doesn’t it?

Oh, But There Is A Lot More!

Now that is not all that Cloud Meadow has going on. You see you also need to breed and raise these sexy creatures and there are those that wish to come and pillage your village and take what you have worked hard for and to hurt the townspeople! This gives the rather slow and happy story a bit of an edge and so far, I think they are on the right track with the story, of course, how it all ends is still up in the air, but so far, I think that they have a solid vision for how they want the story to go.

Now Your Average Day On The Farm!

The gameplay of Cloud Meadow is something that I think has a lot of depth to it. You do your standard farming stuff where you need to plant, grow, and sell crops and that is fun. You also get to take on various missions for the NPCs in the towns and all that is great. You also can venture into dungeons to face those that wish to do the town harm in turn based combat that is simple, but it is also fun. Oh, and there is the breeding…. Yes, this game has breeding you get to breed monsters, cross breed them and you even get to breed with them yourself which is kind of messed up, but when in Rome!

Starlewd Valley

Like most farming games these days Cloud Meadow has a Stardew Valley look about it and I am more than ok with it. The funny thing is if you took out the lewd content, this would be classed as a very “nice” looking game as it has a very happy go lucky and charming kind of vibe to it all. However, this is a lewd game and when it comes to the XXX stuff, this game is not messing around! This has some very hardcore action for you to check out I am not into watching beasts banging, but I can appreciate the amazing art that brings it all to life here. There is a good mixture of XXX pixel art and more hand drawn looking stuff too.


Look, I get that people are frustrated that this game is not complete after three years and some are even questioning if the thing is abandoned at this point. However, five minutes into my new game of Cloud Meadow, I remembered why I had such high hopes for this. It is a charming, funny, and addictive lewd farming game and one that I really do hope manages to get completed one of these days. Even in this unfinished state, there is many hours of gameplay for you here.


  • I thought the setting of the game had a lot of charm
  • The breeding aspect and how many different species there are is impressive
  • The game has a very stylish look to it
  • You can farm, chat, work, bang, and even fight in this game!


  • The game feels like it is never actually going to be completed
  • There are still a few bugs here and there as the game crashed on me twice

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

There's a reason why calling Cloud Meadow an eroge game could be a mistake. Sure, this title has a lot of sexual themes, and in most cases, that's the reward you'll get. But this game is different from the basic eroge titles that just take a couple scenarios and allow you to make a few choices.

What makes this different

This is title is special because while it's pretty sexy and contains a lot of erotic content, it's not the main part of the game. It features rich, addictive mechanics, similar to Harvest Moon. This title comes from one of the creators of Breeding Season, another eroge game similar to Harvest Moon.

While both games are meant to be something like an erotic version of Harvest Moon, this one looks and feels more finished. Sure, you have to take care of a farm here, making it grow and ensuring that everything goes well. But there are some mechanics similar to Animal Crossing too. Now, when you take that into consideration it makes up for an addictive title.

This game looks great, and it's actually nicely written and developed too. But even with this, it's not finished, and it shows. The mechanics are well-implemented, and the art is cartoony and looks great. It's a shame that developers couldn't come to an agreement and get a finished game instead of two unfinished promising titles.

If you're ever in need of an erotic version of Harvest Moon, for whatever the reason, you have two nice but unfinished options available to choose from.

Wow, let me start by saying that calling Cloud Meadow just another erotic game is doing the game a huge disservice. This is one of the most impressive “adult” style games I have ever had the pleasure to play and incredibly as I write this they are still adding more to the game and improving various aspects of it.

Welcome To Cloud Meadow

The idea of the game is that it is set in this fantasy world called Cloud Meadow which is a series of islands that float in the sky. You make your way to your new home on the back of a flying whale and that right there sets the tone for the kind of fantasy world you are going to be living in.

You play as either Evan or Eve and you have just graduated and are now tasked with clearing up and maintaining a run-down farm. To do this you need to talk to the town’s folk, sell stuff, go on quests and breed all kinds of exotic looking monsters. Which you can then sell or use to milk and sell the milk. The story is way deeper than you would think and I found myself talking to as many people as I could.

It Looks Great

The art style that they have gone for here reminds me of the classic 32-bit Sony PlayStation era RPG’s. It has a kind of top down/isometric point of view and the game looks like a million bucks. I am not just talking about the ripped male monsters or the buxom female ones either. The whole world of Cloud Meadow is full to the brim of little details and you can clearly tell that the artists went all in with this game.

It is not just in still pictures that the game looks great the animations as well are spectacular. This is particularly true for the breeding that takes place. These are animated very, very well and while kind of hot to look at, you will also be impressed with how smooth and fluid the game is.

An Erotic Harvest Moon!

The gameplay is what really floored me in Cloud Meadow. An erotic version of Harvest Moon (with a sprinkling of Final Fantasy and Zelda) is the best way that I can describe this game. Your ultimate goal to make your farm the best it can be. To do this you need to take part in farming where you can grow and sell crops. You can go to dungeons to look for new monsters and items that you can use and then there is the breeding.

The actual breeding may be what sucks you into the world of Cloud Meadow, but there is so much more to this game than just that. I actually found that when I would go into the barn to breed the monsters I had. That I was doing it as a way to unwind after all the farming and dungeon exploring that I had taken part in.

I really cannot praise Cloud Meadow highly enough. I will admit that going in, I was sure this would be just another game all about sex. While there is plenty of sex here thanks to the breeding. This is a game that feels far more like a fully-fledged RPG than any other erotic game I have played recently.



  • I love the art style
  • The world they have created is like a fantasy novel
  • Many varieties of monsters to find and breed
  • The world feels like it is alive
  • It has combat, exploration, farming and much more!


  • The game is not quite finished yet
  • It will take over your life!

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