Breeding Season

a game by Team Nimbus
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
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Breeding Season
Breeding Season
Breeding Season

Part hentai and part farming sim, Breeding Season was an insanely popular erotic game that according to reports was pulling in close to 50 grand a month via its Patreon. While the game is no longer officially supported, you can still enjoy this rather strange game and it is one that once you start playing, you really cannot stop.

So What Is The Deal?

Ok, so you know the game, Harvest Moon? Well take Harvest Moon and then add in some sexy monsters, hardcore hentai and then you will have a basic idea of what to expect from Breeding Season. Look, this is a game that has some rather interesting and hot creature designs and that is cool. However, I feel that there is actually more depth to the gameplay here than many other similar styles of games are offering people.

Your ultimate goal is to breed monsters so that you can have them reproduce so that you can sell monsters to your elite client list or you can use these monsters for various things (you can harvest them) and then you can sell those. Making money, keeping monsters being born and keeping your farm ticking are the basic goals that you are working towards.

More Than Monsters Getting It On

You may think that you take one monster like a Catgirl and then another like the Dickwolf….. yes, this game has a creature called a Dickwolf and if that name is not awesome, I do not know what is! It is actually more in-depth than you may think. Once you have two monsters you have many factors that can lead to how the monster develops and how likely they are to actually reproduce.

Leveling up monsters is done via breeding. They get XP when they breed so this is a bit of a catch 22 situation at first. You need to keep your monsters happy as happiness is also a factor. Each monster has their own “preferences” these are the things they like such as other monsters and keeping them with their preferences can boost their happiness. Each monster has a series of stats that can also affect the breeding and the effects after breeding! As you can see there is a ton to think of before you just throw two monsters together and hope for the best. The arty style is rather basic (and actually a huge part of the falling out of the folks who make this game) and it is not as “graphic” as I have seen in other hentai style games, but it is still pretty decent and certainly memorable.

In all Breeding Season is a rather interesting game. The breeding mechanics of the game are way more in-depth than I thought I would and it may take a while to get your head around. I do feel that there is a lot of trial and error in this game, but I do think fumbling your way around and finding out what works and what does not is a huge part of the fun. It is such a shame that the game will never be fully finished, but what is here right now is still worth having a look at.



  • I like some of the monsters…. Dickwolf!
  • The idea is pretty funny
  • It is more in-depth than you would think
  • The game is fun to mess around with
  • The art style is not too bad


  • The game is not fully finished
  • I do wish there were more cutscenes if you know what I am saying

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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