Elf Breeding Farm

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a game by Miel
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Elf Breeding Farm
Elf Breeding Farm
Elf Breeding Farm
Elf Breeding Farm

Look I have to say that Elf Breeding Farm is a very extreme visual novel and if you are not into forced sex, peeing and other extreme fetishes in your lewd games you probably want to walk away now. As I said this is a lewd visual novel and while at first the premise got my attention and the artwork is very well done, ultimately, I must admit my tastes are not really extreme enough to fully appreciate what they are trying to do here.

I Am But A Man

The plot of Elf Breeding Farm started off as something I thought was pretty neat. The main character is a human who finds himself in a magical land, he tries to fight a dragon and fails miserably. The townsfolk are mad at him and decide to offer him as a sacrifice to appease the dragon.

He is saved by these smoking hot elf babes who save him then leave. He tracks them down and they are amazed that a human could do this. Things take a turn when a dark elf shows up and rather than being in trouble, the “man” realizes that his perverted powers and way of thinking is going to be what saves him.

Wow! That Is A Lot Of Pee!

Elf Breeding Farm is a lewd game that does not hold back one bit. Every kind of sex act you can imagine is in this game and it is all shown with great detail, there is pee, blood, vomit and if you are into this kind of extreme thing, I am sure you will appreciate what they have done here. It even has internal action too if seeing a hot elf covered in your mess was not enough for you.

I am not someone who is full “anti pee”…. Which I cannot believe is a sentence I just typed out. However, it is way overused here almost to the point where it made me sick of it. So please keep that in mind before you play it, many of the sex scenes in the game have peeing in them.

Just Clicking And Fa….

This is not a visual novel game where you get to make a bunch of choices. It is quite long, but the majority of what you are going to be doing is just clicking and taking in the art. There is Japanese voice acting which is well done and does help keep things interesting, but if you want a game where you get to make many choices and feel like they matter, Elf Breeding Farm is not a game for you.


Look, the elves when you first see them are hot and I can certainly appreciate that and I was excited to see them in all their glory I will not deny that. However, I must say that the game is just a bit too extreme for my taste. I get having stuff like this in a lewd game is ok, but it is too much here. If that is for you, more power to you and I am sure you will like this, but for me, it was just too much.


  • The elf chicks are certainly hot
  • The elf chicks have massive boobs
  • I liked the way the story started
  • If you like extreme fetishes then this is the game for you


  • Way too much pee play and extreme stuff
  • This is more of a kinetic visual novel so next to no gameplay here

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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