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Platform: PC
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Devastation is a first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world. You control a freedom fighter resisting tyrannical control of a huge and evil, of course, genetics-oriented corporation. Ho hum. The secret to the cause of the cataclysm appears to be at the center of your quest in the game and the solution looks to be telegraphed early on in the room clearing. One room has dozens of suspended tables with what looks like covered cadavers. Soylent Green and Coma are two movies that come immediately to mind. Whatever. The goals in these games are secondary to the carnage. This one has a Gore Level setting in the game set-up, offering more or less splatter, player's choice.

Devastation has lots of weapons, slightly intelligent opponents and offers control of a non-player character team, but is in a severe rut theme-wise. Along the way you'll meet teams of the evil corporation's death squads and your occasional random 2x4 wielding street thug. You'll have to find your way along dark corridors and alleys, trying all the doors and groping through the shadows for obscure stairways. Considering this type of experience narrowly defined then, those gamers who dig other games like it might enjoy this title, and thus it makes it into the Fans Only category.

The trite story is set in a lush photo-crisp world and though the early levels are linear, later ones are promised to be more open-ended. Multiplayer was not tested but the publishers promise improvements in a patch, if that tells you anything. Two play modes are available, Arcade and Simulation, although the definition of the latter is quite wide. Damage is still measured in straight hit points -- no critical hits or realistic wound model.

Most of the world of 2075 AD here is a trashed mix of abandoned buildings and surprisingly well-preserved leftover semi cabs and buses of early 21st century vintage. You can, for some reason, blast your way through a quite festive, paper lantern festooned Chinatown. Though many of the objects can be manipulated, most are untouchable. You can't shoot out every light or security camera, although you can waste the rats you see scurrying around. And not every door can be opened. This gives a strange incongruous powerlessness to these games. You can accumulate vast firepower (Pulse Laser!) but you can't blast through an obviously wooden door. Designers might someday pay as much attention to splintering as splattering.

Besides the death-dealing, the M rating implies some foul language. In both areas this software does not disappoint. All in all this game has what fans of first-person shooters would want, a simple goal, lots of exotic weapons and a skillfully rendered graphical environment in which to stack bodies.

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