Double Dragon Neon

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a game by WayForward Technologies
Platform: PC (2012)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Double Dragon Neon
Double Dragon Neon
Double Dragon Neon

It is pretty crazy to think that Double Dragon Neon is the better part of 10 years old at this point! I played the original game in the arcade and then on the NES so much as a kid that I was something of a master at it. It is an all time classic and it was so cool to see someone new take a stab at bringing the series back to a new audience all the while trying to keep the charm the original had.

Climbing Up Snake Mountain

The original Double Dragon played things pretty straight and it had an 80s action movie kind of thing going where two dudes are trying to save a girl from a gang. You do still have that premise here in Double Dragon Neon, but things are much crazier and over the top.

It is not super driven, but now you have to get your girl back from a gang that is led by a nutjob who calls himself, Skullmageddon! This guy is hilarious and certainly reminds me of Skeletor from Masters of the Universe.

Pop Culture Sure Does Pop

I love the style of this game. They have tried to make this as 80s as popular and from the way the characters dress, the way their hair is, and all of the neon. This has a very 80s kind of vibe to it and that could not be any more awesome. The pop culture of the 80s is 100 percent the theme that they were going for here and they absolutely nailed it. As well as looking good, Double Dragon Neon has an amazing soundtrack. Seriously, this soundtrack is epic and when it was first released I had it on my iPod and would use it at the gym. The songs are clearly trying to sound 80s and they manage to pull it off very well. Say what you will about this game, but no one can tell me the soundtrack is not amazing.

A Punch With More Depth

As one of the original beat-em-up style of games, Double Dragon was very basic in the gameplay. With Double Dragon Neon they have tried to make things a bit deeper, but it is the same style of game. You can punch, kick, jump and you also have a run button. There is also a new dodge button. If you do a perfect doge, you get a short buff that makes your attacks more powerful.

You can also get money as you play and this money can be spent in the store where you can buy various items that can help you out. There are these mixtapes that you can get too which give you different buffs. I think they did a decent job of expanding the gameplay here. The thing is, it just feels kind of bland. It starts off great, but by the end, I was kind of wishing I was playing the original Double Dragon if I am being honest.

I have found that the opinion on this game is very split. I have played all of the games in this series and think I am in a good position to give an honest opinion about it. I would say that Double Dragon Neon is a decent enough game. I have played through it a couple of times, once by myself and another time with a friend and I had a decent enough time playing it.


I like how they tried to make it a bit deeper and the over-the-top nature of the game is fun, but there is just something missing and I am not sure what that is.


  • I like the way the game is pretty crazy in terms of the story
  • The 80s style that they have is very cool
  • The soundtrack in this game is probably the best thing about it!
  • I do feel that they tried very hard with this game


  • The game just feels like of flat
  • Sometimes the enemies can get very cheap!

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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