Dragon Quest III

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a game by Enix America, Inc.
Platform: GameBoy Color
User Rating: 9.2/10 - 5 votes
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Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest III

Improving on what is known

Dragon Quest III took a lot of inspiration from past games of the series, making it bigger and better. Although this is the third game, they're connected with this game set way before Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II.

The Quest fit for a Dragon

Dragon Quest III is set many years before Dragon Quest I and II and is set in a completely different world from the other two games. As someone named Baramos threatens to take over the world. You play as the son/daughter of a legendary warrior Orgtega and as you hit your 16th birthday you are given the challenge to rid the world of the evil Baramos as your farther tried before you but perished. As you travel through the world, you make some friends and choose who to take with you on your journey to fight Baramos in the end battle. These choices are big ones, as everyone in your company has their stats and skills. So, you must choose wisely and pick the right people for the job. Through the game, there are many twists and turns which keep the game interesting and compels you to get to the next bit so that you can find out what happens at the end of the story. That always means that the story is an epic journey that you just must experience for yourself.


The graphics are pixel art but it's very detailed and smooth to the point its hard to see if it is pixel art. There’s a lot of detail in the graphics to make the events pop out and feel like something importing is happening to make you invested in the story and experience of the game. The game also introduces a night and day cycle where only certain item quests and characters are available at a certain part the day this adds a slight realism to the game making your experience just that little bit better.

Bigger dragon, Bigger quest

The gameplay is a turned-based system, it expands from previous games making the combat system vaster with many options as well as pushing the game towards the open-world elements. You can choose your party to have any class you want, you do have a limit of three companions so pick wisely; you have the Solder, Fighter, Pilgrim, Wizard, Marchant, Goof-off, Sage and the Thief. So, there is a lot to consider before picking which classes you want to join you on your journey. If you want to change classes, you can only do so once they reach level 20 but this means losing half of their level. It’s your choice, you decide but be cautious.

Unleash the dragon warrior

Dragon Quest III is a mix of a great story with twists and turns and fantastic in-depth gameplay mechanics while nearing an open world element and the ability to choose your companions which really makes this game stand out and a game to play for any fan of the turn-based strategy genre.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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