Duke Nukem Total Meltdown

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a game by GTE Interactive Media, and Sierra On-Line
Genre: Action
Platforms: Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Duke Nukem Total Meltdown
Duke Nukem Total Meltdown
Duke Nukem Total Meltdown
Duke Nukem Total Meltdown

The PlayStation version of the hit PC game Duke Nukem 3d will be the third one to come out, but it has the potential to be the best in terms of content. Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown wilt have the original 28 Duke levels (with rerendered textures). Even better, it has a new PS-only episode which will contain six levels full of parodies. They will contain references to The X-Files, Reservoir Dogs, disco and more. Total Meltdown will even have a new final Boss: a large samurai who looks like Keith Flint of Prodigy.

PlayStation owners won't have to worry about Interactive taking anything away from this version of Duke. First, the game will not be censored. This means all the sick gamers out there who enjoy killing strippers will get their chance. Second, Total Meltdown will support two-player deathmatch via a link cable. What more can Duke fans ask for?

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

The first-person shooter with attitude (and strippers) comes to the PlayStation. Total Meltdown, like the other Duke Nukem games on competing systems, has exclusive features. The six PlayStation-only levels are perhaps the best additions to this version. Each of them has a theme, like Womb Trader (enemies are outfitted with Lara outfits and large breasts). President Weevil I (based on Resident Evil, of course) or 1 Wipe 'Em Out (imagine pig cops flying around in WipeOut ships). The PlayStation Duke Nukem will also introduce a new weapon, new enemies, Two-player Link Mode, a Bot Mode (where you face off against up to eight CPU-controlled dukes for deathmatching) and support for Sony's analog pad.

  • MANUFACTURER - Aardvark
  • THEME - First-person shooter
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

Duke Nukem finally makes his longawaited PlayStation debut with a raunchy kill-em-and-smile attitude and solid gameplay. It's enjoyable to play, but frame rate and control problems bring the fun down a notch.

Meltdown features the three episodes from the original PC version, along with some exclusive PlayStation levels. Unlike Duke Nukem 64, this Duke retains the off-color dialogue and eyebrow-raising visuals that made the game what it is today. Additionally, the action's intense, the levels are huge, and the wide variety of weapons and disgusting alien monsters will keep corridor-shooter fans satisfied.

Duke has excellent sounds, and for the most part he's lookin' good--except during intense action sequences. Then the game slows down, the graphics get choppy, and, worst of all, control accuracy goes right out the window. Fortunately, the soundtrack rocks with jazzy music, booming explosions, and clearly audible sound effects. The controls are solid, but maintaining the item and weapon inventory can easily become confusing. The biggest problem, however, is the lack of custom configuration--the three presets simply aren't sufficient.

Duke's a solid offering, but the game's frame meltdown keeps it out of the top tier of PlayStation corridor shooters like Doom and Powerslave.


  • Press on discolored wall panels--you may reveal hidden items.
  • If you're low on health, take a leak in one of the toilets for a small health boost.
  • At the start of the Nightmare Zone level in the Plug and Pray episode, walk off the cliff at the beginning of the level. You'll take some damage from the fall, but you can find the Devastator weapon after you land.


The man... the myth... the legend... the KING has finally found his way to the Playstation and nobody is happier than me. The smash PC hit is here and there are even some PSX-exclusive levels for those of us PSX-only gamers. All I can say is that this game rocks.

To set the scene, Duke finds himself getting blown out of the sky in his hotwired alien ship. He falls onto the rooftop of an LA building, only to find out that the aliens have taken over LA (hmmm, hasn't this already happened in real life?). The aliens have taken all of the women and encased them in slimy cocoons. As Duke says "Nobody messes with our chicks and lives." Classic insight from my new hero, Duke Nukem.


A word of warning before I start. This game is definitely geared at an older audience. Duke has your standard blood and guts, but you will also encounter strippers (yes!), and there is plenty of swearing to be had. If you have impressionable children, I suggest you wait until they go to sleep to play this one. I mean, I am 26 and I walk around the house yelling "Fire in the hole, Asshole!" Who knows which of the lines your kid will pick up?

Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown is a first person shooter ala Doom. The biggest difference is the adult-oriented scenarios. Like I said, Duke walks around dropping "Holy Shit" and other awesome one-liners. He finds himself in the midst of strip clubs, and who can blame him for offering cash for one of the girls to flash him? This game is such a refreshing and humorous addition to the game collection for anyone over 17. I wish that there were more games on the market that were directed at adults. It is nice not to be cutesy for once.

As far as gameplay goes, you will be blasting aliens, finding access cards, and flipping switches. You have plenty of weapons to discover and tons of secrets waiting to be discovered. The gameplay is addicting and I just could not wait to hear what Duke would say next.

The game is broken down into four different episodes, the first of which is LA Meltdown. This has you battling through the streets, buildings, and strip clubs of LA. Next, you have the Lunar Apocalypse episode. This takes place on a space station and has you battling tougher aliens. The third is Shrapnel City, which is harder yet. The final episode is the console-only episode that takes place in levels mimicking other PSX games. The first level is based on Tomb Raider and it looks just like the caves in Tomb Raider. This is the hardest episode and you will definitely need to use your noggin to get through it.

A big part of Duke Nukem is exploration. You can play most levels by just busting through, blasting everything in your path, flipping a few switches, and making it to the end. What really makes the game fun is trying to find the secrets located around the levels. Some are obvious, and others are next to impossible to find. At the end of each level you will be notified of the number of secrets you found, and the number you missed. This was great. I always wanted to find every secret and this gave me some guidance on how many I found and how many I missed. I spent hours combing levels and still could not find some of the secrets. When I did find some of the harder ones, it was quite satisfying.

Duke Nukem has a feature that is revolutionary on the PSX. It is called the Quick Save. What this does is instead of saving the game to the memory card every time you save, it saves to the internal memory of the PSX, making the saving and loading much faster. This was great because in this type of game, you will save often. If you had to wait for the complete memory card save every time, you would end up pulling your hair out. One word of caution though: when you are ready to turn the game off, you need to make sure you do a memory card save first. If not, you will lose everything up to the point of your last memory card save. From personal experience, you will only make this mistake one time. Trust me. I know.

Even though I gave this game a high score, it does have its flaws. Actually, "flaws" is not the best word. I guess the problem with the game is that in terms of gameplay, it is nothing that has not been done before. If you like Doom, you will like Duke. Everything is very cliche for first-person shooters. You know what? I don't care. Duke has so much personality that you really want him to succeed.


This game is a case of game over graphics. Everything is sprite-based and the only polygons you will see are on the FMV cut-scenes. Everything is very pixelated and ugly up close. You know what? It doesn't matter. You can still tell everything that is happening and from a distance, everything looks fine. The graphics are good enough to still keep the game enjoyable. I just wish that Duke would put his damn hand down when you get flashed by the stripper!

Bottom Line

This game has so much personality that I could not stop playing. Duke is my new idol. It was refreshing to play as a character that was more than just some nobody. Actually, Duke reminded me of Bruce Willis in Die Hard -- a smartass with a love for destruction. The gameplay is satisfactory and the graphics are a bit behind the times, but I was still addicted. Maybe I am a bit childish, but I hope this opens the door for more adult oriented titles. Oh yeah, one last thing. "Fire in the hole, Asshole"!

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