Eiyuu Senki Gold

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a game by Tenco
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Eiyuu Senki Gold
Eiyuu Senki Gold
Eiyuu Senki Gold
Eiyuu Senki Gold

Eiyuu Senki Gold is the second game in the R-18 turn-based strategy Eiyuu Senki series. The series follows a mysterious male protagonist that the player embodies and plays as throughout the games. The protagonist’s goal is to eventually conquer the world in order to bring peace and balance to a fallen world that is currently run by mischievous gods with humanity’s worst interest at heart by disturbing the naturality of the world the humans live in.


Eiyuu Senki Gold does not offer much to players interested in engaging visuals and graphics. Because it is a simple turn-based strategy game, the need for high or impressive graphics is out of the picture. Two-dimensional graphics is what the game is made of, featuring cutout stills of characters when they talk or engage in battle, and a very simple 2D map of the land the male protagonist plans to conquer and carries out his missions in.


When playing the game, enthusiasts of strategy games will find it very similar to games like Into the Breach or Supremacy 1914, both of which embody the turn-based system of board games into a visual aspect to allow the player to battle against AI with a more interesting, diverse, and larger storyline and play ability.

The game has an interesting character line in which it features some of the most well-known names from history all brought into the same time to take back the land from the mischievous gods (and some working for the gods). These characters include mythological legends such as Achilles and Heracles, historical geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci and Beethoven, and famous conquerors like Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Sir Lancelot, and even King Tutankhamen. What makes these characters even more interesting is that all of them have been converted into the form of a cutesy anime girl art style. The male protagonist that the player takes role of appears to be the only male in the land (good for him I suppose), but it does feel odd talking to Sun Tzu with beady anime eyes and lashes looking back at you.

Each large turn a player takes gives them a choice of a few directions they can take their journey for the moments to come. The player is taken to a map which overviews the land and lays out their choices for the time to come. The player is often given the option to battle, participate in a character event, or engage in negotiations of comedic moments with other characters in small, miscellaneous missions that may appear from time to time.

When engaging in battle, the player will find the play similar to Pokémon. Each character used in battle has certain specialties and statistics about them that may do increasing or decreasing damage on other certain characters and their corresponding attributes. Each battle, the player chooses their six characters to fight with based on their best judgement, and is tasked with clearing the 6x3 grid of enemies.

Personal Rating

Being a fan of strategy games, I may be partial to Eiyuu Senki Gold and the style of game it presents, but I’m honestly not a fan of what the game holds itself. The idea of all characters being cute anime girls is slightly off putting and just makes the game feel weird.


Other than that, the matching attributes and turn-based battles make for a fun game. I give this game a 7/10.


  • Diverse gameplay & more options than strict turn-based battles
  • Interesting (to say the least) story line
  • Known characters


  • Boring to those who don’t like turn-based games
  • All characters are anime girl versions
  • Some character interactions just don’t make sense

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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