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a game by Caribdis
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 4 votes
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There is a good reason as to why Eternum has such a strong reputation in the world of lewd visual novels. “How good can this be?” was what I thought when I started playing this as I had heard rave review after rave review. This is one of the rare lewd games where I have not actually read anything negative about it! Well, I have to say not only did this game live up to the hype, but it surpassed it so much so that I am telling you right now, that you also need to go and play this game!

Ready Player One!

I will admit when I first heard the premise of Eternum, I thought that basically what we had here was some kind of lewd parody of the awesome movie and book, Ready Player One. There are certainly comparisons to be made here as it is a virtual world we are talking about, so I guess The Matrix could be thrown in here for good measure too. However, this stands out on its own, so much so that they could have taken out the lewd content and it would still be a fantastic game.

Getting Plugged In!

The story of the game takes place in a college town and while higher learning is some of the best in the world here, Eternum is a game that does not have the college campus experience at the forefront of it. You see a popular VR MMORPG that lets you actually feel things in the game has taken over and people are into it big time. From checking out a fun fantasy land to a seedy dirty city with hookers, violence, and murder! If you think it, chances are you can do it in this virtual world.

Entering The Matrix!

As Eternum is a lewd visual novel, you will be spending most of your time with this game reading and experiencing the story. However, you get to make what feel like very important choices as things progress. There are different love interests in the game and you end up getting pulled into some pretty deep, even scary stuff here. I do not want to go into specifics as I do not want to rob you of the epic experience, I had playing through this game. Let me just tell you, each choice that I made felt so important that I gave each one some serious thought before I made them.

A Pop Culture Bonanza!

I am someone that loves to make pop culture references and Eternum is packed with them and I got such a kick out of that. Want to know what else I got a huge kick out of here? The visuals! This game looks amazing, the virtual worlds are quite varied and I think that they do a great job of making you feel like you are in this virtual setting. The female character models and the lewd content, in general, are fantastic, and the icing on a very nice cake!


Trust me when I tell you that this is not a game you need to have on your to play list! Eternum is so good that I am telling you right now that you need to go and play this game right now! This is one of the best lewd visual novels I have ever played. It is so good that this is not just one of the best “lewd” visual novels, it is one of the best visual novels in general! It honestly could stand on its own without the lewd content and still be fantastic.


  • This is legit one of the best visual novels I have ever played
  • The love interests all feel unique
  • I loved the sci-fi story that was told here
  • Your choices have some real weight and feel like they matter


  • I honestly cannot think of a single aspect of this game I did not like
  • Some high end voice acting would have made this even more amazing!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

To say I was blown away by what Eternum offered me is a massive understatement. What makes this an even more impressive statement is the fact that this game is not yet finished. It just got its latest update which really took me by surprise by how much gameplay it offered. This game is stacked with content and I found myself wanting to keep on playing as I was so invested with what was going on. Yes, this is a lewd game and it has some awesome XXX scenes. However, the story and writing are so good, I would have played this without the sex!

Ready Player One!

What I think really clicked with me about the story was that it has a real Ready Player One or even Sword Art Online thing going on with the story that the game is telling. The MC has moved to a very decent place that is home to some of the best educational establishments in the country. The thing is, people here are hooked on this virtual world called, Eternum which is this very realistic virtual world that is full of places to go ranging from sci-fi, fantasy to full on sexual deviancy!

People Make The Virtual World Go Around

The writing and the characters in Eternum are some of the best that I have encountered in quite some time in a lewd game. I really could not have been any more impressed with the way the majority of characters and situations were handled in this game. It was always awesome when a side character would pop back up or you would finally get somewhere with a main character. It takes the player on an interesting ride and it treats the player with a lot of respect in regards to their time too as the story is not over padded or ever boring.

Virtual World, But Real Dangers

As you have probably already figured out, Eternum is a lewd visual novel/adventure style of game. Most of what you will be doing here will be reading the story and reacting to characters and various events that take place. There are some other surprises in store for you, but I think the “gameplay” here when in tandem with the story and the characters really does make for one excellent package. Even though there is nothing revolutionary here about the gameplay, as the whole package is so good, it works!

The Virtual World That Feels Real

One of the things that most impressed me about Eternum was just how well made it was. The virtual world that has been created here is truly great and I love the whole cyberpunk kind of feel to it. I cannot say for sure, but I do feel that the developer had to be inspired by the Oasis from Ready Player One.

There are a decent number of lewd scenes here in the game and they benefit from some very well done animation. I do also have to point out that the game has a tremendous and fitting soundtrack that I think is perfect for the world and story we get to experience.


Even though Eternum is not yet finished, I have to say that this is a must play game. As I write this, it is early 2022 and this is so far the best lewd game that I have had the pleasure to play so far this year. I really cannot praise the game highly enough, it does everything that it does pretty much flawlessly and my only complaint is that I do not want to have to wait until the next update to be able to jump back into this amazing world!


  • The story here had me gripped from the very start
  • I loved the character renders in this game and the animation is good too!
  • It has a tremendous soundtrack
  • This legit is one of the best lewd games I have played in a very, very long time!


  • As I write this the game is not yet complete
  • Those wanting a non-stop sex fest may be a tad disappointed

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