FIFA Manager 07

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Platform: PC
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FIFA Manager 07
FIFA Manager 07
FIFA Manager 07

With Football Manager and Championship Manager slugging it out at the top of the league, EA's annual affair drifts in at the far post to offer a third way. Providing that is you don't mind an unnecessarily convoluted interface, a slew of pointless gimmickry and some largely moribund action. Differing from its two rivals in that the matches can be viewed in 3D, some version of the FIFA engine has been shoehorned in, enabling you to enjoy copious replays and close-ups of the action.

So far, so FIFA Manager, but this year's match engine differs wildly in that you can opt to actually take control of one of the players yourself, using keys or a pad to implement a rudimentary pass-shoot-hoof-sprint method. An odd idea, it gives you something to do while watching the action, but is ultimately frustrating as you get so little of the ball and generally end up running your chosen player into the ground.

Elsewhere, FIFA Manager differs from FM and CM in so much as they're both developed in North London, and EA's effort is made in Germany, with all the superfluous detail that generally entails. They've really gone to town this year, delving into the personal life of the manager in bizarre fashion, including his sexuality.

We've no idea what this has to do with football, but you can buy gifts for your partner, propose to her and even breed children - and buy a house for them to live in. Clearly a different approach to traditional football management it's just not right.

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