Fighting Layer

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a game by Namco Ltd.
Platform: Arcade
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Fighting Layer
Fighting Layer
Fighting Layer
Fighting Layer

Last month in News we told you that Arika, a company known for its 3D versions of Street Fighter was breaking apart from Capcom to produce their own games. The company has developed another 3D fighting game, but this time Namco is behind the distribution.

It really doesn't matter who brings the game out; Fighting Layer (besides having simply the dumbest name ever) is strictly Arika. In other words, if you've played EX, you know what to expect in terms of gameplay. Very much like EX, Layer is a six-button Capcom juggle fest like 90 percent of the games infecting the arcade market today. That being said, it's also by far the best-looking Arika game yet, with much more speed and attention to detail than the EX series. The game runs at a speedy 60 frames per second, which makes the character animation incredible. This is also used in the movement of the backgrounds, all of which have multiple eye catchers (like the Horse in the background of Cracker Jack's stage in EX, but not as distracting as some of the spacecraft zooming around in Star Gladiators).

As of press time, we're not sure how many characters the game has, but from the pictures we've seen, there are at least 10. The cast is made up of a strange mix of Rival Schools, EX and Star Gladiators-style characters. One fighter resembles the traditional Ninja in a blue outfit similar to the "judge" in the Samurai Shodown games. Luciane is the possible name of a gun-wielding female. Exodus is a wrestler-looking dude who can smash you with furniture. George (artwork on right) looks like Elvis in a Marshall Law outfit. An alien of some kind is on the roster as well; he looks like something straight out of a James Cameron movie. A possible Boss in the game is a huge guy with a lance who is powerful. One slash can take you down to about 50 percent, while 20 hits from your weapon will hardly dent his armor.

Gameplay hasn't been nailed down yet. It seems the super meter is set up the same as the EX games--three levels with multiple level supers possible. The special moves in the game are awesome--more along the lines of Gladiators than EX. A couple of the characters even carry weapons.

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