Final Fantasy 2

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a game by Square, and Square Enix
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: PC (2021), SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 6.6/10, based on 7 reviews
User Rating: 5.9/10 - 20 votes
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Final Fantasy 2
Final Fantasy 2
Final Fantasy 2

Do you remember playing Final Fantasy II in its earliest incarnation? If you have - you can officially call yourself a series fanatic because not many outside Japan have. The second entry into the series didn't see a Western release in its vanilla form mainly because localization was abandoned until nearly a decade after its release.

Well, now you have the opportunity to strike the irons of nostalgia and play through Final Fantasy II as if it were just released today - kind of, anyway. The game comes packaged as a remodel featuring entirely new assets such as visuals and music - but the original gameplay stays much the same. So is it worth getting into for those that felt they missed out in the early 90s?

Finally, Fantasy!

The burning question remains whether the Final Fantasy II remodel holds up as a piece of nostalgia or a missing part of the puzzle? Whatever the case, we are finally given access to the game in one of its purer forms, mechanically speaking. Yes, Final Fantasy II has seen numerous rereleases over the years that featured graphical and gameplay overhauls. However, something about this release seems to transcend players back to the early days.

That is perhaps because much of the original gameplay has been relatively untouched. Final Fantasy II did not receive the critical acclaim as some of its other counterparts. You could argue that it's the general roughness that would intrigue players into the classic. By no means is Final Fantasy II a rough version of the game - but it doesn't expand on old gameplay to modernize it.

The visuals and audio have been heavily tweaked, refreshing the characters, environments, and UI while maintaining that nostalgic pixelated flair. Other slight improvements include auto-battle elements and extra bits like a gallery and bestiary to please hardcore players in the franchise. But apart from that, you'll be playing some pure Final Fantasy II!

You'll be left alone to discover what you would have loved and not loved about Final Fantasy II. If you've played other versions, it was clear there was much to be desired comparing other entries. It doesn't really change here, but you still feel like you'll need to play it for the sake of completionism.

The Game That Should Have Been

It feels like every major game franchise had its experimental stage at one point. Final Fantasy II has always seemed to be that entry for what it's worth. Its ambitiousness and mechanical diversity did lay the groundwork for a lucrative future of epic entries, though. If you remember Shining Force II, the presentation and delivery share similar anomalies.


But here we are with a refreshed Final Fantasy II that certainly holds up on contemporary platforms. New players really need not bother with this game as it won't do anything for you. However, Final Fantasy fanatics must get stuck in, no matter what. It's a relevant entry to the franchise, as are all the others.


  • A purer form of Final Fantasy II's original gameplay
  • Visual and audio overhaul contributes to the overall presentation
  • A chance to play the game that didn't see original localization


  • Not one of the better entries to the Final Fantasy franchise
  • New players to the series will not enjoy it

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

You as Cecil, the ex-Red Wings Captain, lead your companions into the heart of political problems raging in the troubled country of Baron. Villages are being ravaged by the King's "gifts," which devastate and destroy. There's more going on here than meets the eye. What is the tower of Babil? Who exactly is Golbez? What is his connection to Cecil? Read on for a few answers not found in the manual.

Final Fantasy 2 truly redefines the standards for fantasy adventure games. Silly one-dimensional characters, needless hack 'em combat and linear game-play will be things of the past if other RPGs learn a lesson or two from this game. No, it's not the "Final" Fantasy. Part Three's already in the works. However, Final Fantasy II is one small step for Square Soft, and one giant leap for role-playing games.

  1. About midway through the game, you can descend into the Underground by placing the Magma Key in the town of Agart's well. Proceed on to aid the King of the Dwarves. Defeat the Calbrena dolls hiding behind his throne. After Rydia helps you fend off Golbez, she'll finally rejoin your party.

  2. The Dwarves advise you to head for the Tower of Bab-il, where you must retrieve one of the Dark Crystals. Dr. Lugae and his wacky creation, Balnab, await. Stick it to the Doc first with Kain's Jump attack, then concentrate on the big B. After they're crunched, use your Tower Key on the fifth floor to enter the control room. Karate Master Yang will sacrifice himself to save the Dwarves from total destruction!

  3. Return to Baron's surface for repairs to the Enterprise and you'll gain the Hook. Now grab your Hovercraft and head for the Cave of Eblan. Inside the cave, Edge, a skilled Ninja and Prince of Eblan, joins your party. He has a vendetta to repay Rubicant, the Fire Rend, responsible for the destruction of Edge's castle.

  4. Reenter the Tower of Bab-il, via the cave passageway, and confront Edge's mom and pop, who have been swayed by the evil of Golbez. Don't attack them, just choose Parry and cast healing spells. Then Summon Rydia's Shiva and cast Edge's Rood to waterlog Rubicant. After Rubicant is slain, fall through the pitfall, retrace your steps, and climb aboard the Airship Falcon to escape. Return to the Dwarves' Castle, talk to the King, and he'll reward you with the Luca Key from his daughter's necklace. Cid will provide a tune-up for the Airship, which enables you to cruise over lava.

  5. Fly west of the Dwarves' Castle and enter the cave on the island, which is the Land of Monsters. Grab the Rat's Tail from a fourth-floor treasure chest, (you'll need it later). Keep exploring. Defeat Queen Asura by casting the Wall spells on her, making her unable to heal herself. Follow it with Kain's Jump attack You'll then be able to Summon the Queen at any time to heal your party. Take on King Leviatan, win, and you'll score his Summon spell as well. Finally, fly southeast to the Sealed Cave.

  6. To ditch the bothersome Trap Doors, use the Parry command until Rosa is highlighted. Then, cast Wall spell on the party member being searched by the Door. The death spell will bounce off the Wall and reflect back onto the Door. Dust the Crystal guardian Evil Wall quickly with Summonings and Jump attacks, or it'll move in and crush you. After you tear down the Wall, Golbez will once again put the mind-mush on Kain and force him to swipe the Dark Crystal. Return to the Dwarves' Castle, and Cid will refit the Airship with a Drill. Blast a hole through the sealed passageway, return to the surface, go to Mysidia, and watch as the Big Whale Ship surfaces.

  7. Now's the time! Take the Rat's Tail to the Grotto Adamant cave, south of Slivera, and exchange the Tail for the Adamant. Bring the Adamant to the smith Kokkol, in the southeast comer of the Underworld, and he'll use it to forge the legendary Excalibur! While you're powering-up, another Caller spell can be had by returning to Baron Castle and casting Leviatan to beat King Odin. Once he's under your command, Odin will wipe out a screen load of weaker enemies.

    Next, catch the Big Whale express ticket to the Moon. The Whale's useful because it can zip just about anywhere. Plus, you can rest inside it to regain hit points, and store items with the Big Chocobo.

  8. Spelunk your way through the twisted tunnels of the Lunar Paths. Reach the Crystal Palace, and talk to FuSoYa of Linar's Lair. This wise Lunarian will reveal many things, which were once shrouded in mystery. Then he'll join your team to help .topple the ultimate evil controller of Golbez, Zemus.

  9. The Giant of Bab-il assaults the Earth! All your allies join forces to defend the land with Tanks and Airships. In the end, you must sneak into the Giant's mouth and destroy him.

  10. Uh oh, they're baaaaack. The elements return to preserve the Bab-ilian Giant. Take out Milon with fire or cure- based magic, Rubicant with ice, Kainazzo with lightning, and Valvais with Nukes and Meteos. When needed, restore FuSoYa's Magic Points with Ether. It's not over yet! The mastermind behind the Giant, (the CPU), stands in your way. Eliminate only the Defender and leave the Attacker alive, (the CPU will be unable to cast Globe 99), and pound away with hand-to-hand attacks. Cast Rosa's Cure 4 on the entire party often, and be ready with plenty of Ethers and Elixirs.

  11. FuSoYa confronts Golbez with the Meteo, and Golbez is released from the forces that have enslaved him. They leave together to confront Zemus back on the moon. Just before the Giant collapses with you still inside him, Kain shakes out the cobwebs and leads you to safety.

  12. Before entering the Lunar Subterrain, fly to the northwest comer of the Underworld and work your way through the Sylvan Cave. Cast Float to avoid taking damage from the poisonous green tiles. The fairies will teach you Sylph. To learn one last Caller spell, trek through the Cave of Bahamut on the moon and take out Bahamut with multiple Blitz and Asura spells. Bahamut will prove invaluable during the end-game confrontations. Now you're ready for Zemus!

  • Type: RPG
  • Release: November 1991
  • Difficulty: Hard

Fans of the original Final Fantasy will be pleased to know that the sequel is out for their Super NES. The King of Baron is ordering his minions to steal crystals from innocent people to use for his evil purposes. Take the part of Cecil, the commander of the Red Wings squadron and for justice against your evil King of Baron. The Kingdom of Baron is depending on Cecil to stop the evil King.

People say:


Final Fantasy 2 can best be described in one word: epic! It's a well-known fact that I'm not into RPGs, but this cart has got something for anyone. You get incredible animation, sizzling sound and music and a game that is so involved, so intense, it has to be experienced!


Square has just redefined what the ultimate RPG should be like. With spectacular Mode 7 effects, outstanding graphics and a quest unequalled in a video game, the latest in the FF series really makes use of all the Super NES has to offer. Easily the best made to date!


I'm not into RPGs on any system, but this one isn't that bad. The graphics are pretty cool, especially when you are flying over the land in your airship. The music is incredible and sounds like an orchestra is inside your SNES. If you like these type of games you'll like it, I'm not thrilled.


This is a totally awesome RPG. The storyline is actually coherent and the plot moves along with a combination of speaking sequences and battles. Sure, there's plenty of the old build up your abilities and move up a level play, but within a framework like this, how can you go wrong! Tasty game!

The Final Fantasy story also continues on the NES with Square Soft's release of Final Fantasy Legend II. Square Soft plans to release both a hint book and comic.

Square is releasing the follow-up to their RPG Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy 2 will feature an expanded quest with hundreds of hours of game play and other enhancements like great graphics and superb sound.

What other games tried to do with role-playing elements in the mid-'90s (like Mystaria, Lunar, and Beyond the Beyond), Final Fantasy II had already accomplished by 1992. Using nonlinear combat, multiple story lines and endings, and a dash of humor to tie it all together, Final Fantasy II received highest ratings—five out of five on graphics, sound, and control, fun factor, and challenge. Since then, games have certainly become flashier, but few have improved on the gameplay elements of Final Fantasy II. It was truly the first game where a turn-based combat system allowed you to change weapons, cast spells, and use items during a battle, and it featured some of the most exciting villains to date, along with a slew of double-crosses and surprise twists.


Although the combined Meteo spell of FuSoYa and Golbez will knock off Zemus, he will rise from the dead! Transform him with the Crystal into Zeromus... ...then chant Rosa's White Spell and Rydia's Bahamut Summoning. Also use Rosa Cure 4 and Rydia's Asura to heal, but always remember to supplement the battle with fierce hand-to-hand combat, including Cecil's Crystal Sword, Kain's Jump Attack, and Edge's Spoon Dagger followed by Ninja Stars. Zeromus's Hit Point level is around 110,000, but if you're at Level 60 or more, you can outlast him.


Once you've acquired the Excalibur from Kokkol, return to his hut later in the game and you can purchase rare and deadly weapons like Shurikens and Ninja Stars.


Enter the Sylph cave and talk to the Karate Fighter, then leave. When you get the Falcon Airship, go to the over-world and head for Fabul. Chat with Yang's wife and she'll fork over the frying pan. Bash Yang with it and he'll give you the Sylph Summoning spell. Go back to Fabul later and Yang's wife will give you the Spoon Dagger, the most dangerous ninja dart in the game!

You, Cecil, Captain of the Red Wings, were only following orders from the King: steal the magical Crystal from the people of Mysidia. You knew in your heart that this thievery was uncalled for, but when you dared to question the King about the Crystal, you were accused of disloyalty. Now both you and your buddy, Kain, are banished from the Red Wings, and as punishment you must venture out to hunt the Summoned Monster in the Misty Valley. Go figure?! This long complicated role play adventure takes you all through the lands in and around the Kingdom of Baron where you battle it out against armies of evil monsters -- the King's secret Dark Forces. Win battles and you gain strength and experience. Stop in towns along the way and you may purchase weapons, armor, or food, or perhaps rest up in one of the local inns. There's much to be done in this awesome adventure of good vs. evil. And that's no fantasy.

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