Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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a game by Sunsoft
Genre: Action
Platforms: NESNES, GameBoy
Editor Rating: 7.9/10, based on 4 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Don't add water!

One of this summers box office hits, Gremlins 2. is coming to the stores this fall as a video game. SunSoft has taken furry little Gizmo and put him in the middle of a whole new batch of trouble! The game begins as Gizmo escapes from his cage in a genetics engineering lab. On his own in the towering Clamp office building. Gizmo must find his way to the safety of his long lost pal, Billy.

Before he locates the path out of the building, however. Gizmo gets wet and. as the mogwai rules dictate, this is a definite no-no. With more than enough dangers already coming from the mad-house genetic labs, the Gremlins that take control of Clamp Tower don't make Gizmo's life any easier!

In addition to some detailed graphics and intermissions, Gremlins 2 is filled with the scrolling action adventure environments that SunSoft has made famous in Blaster Master and Fester's Quest! You must explore each level, locate the escape route and, if required, take on the genetically-altered Gremlin Bosses that stand in your way.

In subsequent rounds Giz is outfitted with additional weapons and powers. Because this time Gizmo's making sure the Gremlins are put back in their place!

People say:


Even though Gremlins 2 boasts some superb graphics and intermissions, the game play, while well executed, wears thin after awhile. It's familiar territory that could have been more involving. Good as an adventure game.


Gremlins 2 takes all of the best parts from Blaster Master and Fester's Quest and throws in any missing elements there may have been. We get beautiful intermissions, lots to interact with, and plenty of challenge - a great game!


SunSoft seems to be the only company who can bring movies to games. Gremlins reminds me of Fester's, with the exception of jumping. Excellent cinema displays, great graphics and sound, as well as challenging play!


Sunsoft is the only company that can make good movie-based games! Gizmo must jump a few too many moving platforms, however, the music is top-notch and Gizmo's animation is fantastic! Don't play this after midnight!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

  • Game Boy

It's been six years since the Gremlins wreaked havoc on Kingston Falls. Gizmo and Billy Peltzer have gone their separate ways, but their paths are destined to cross again.

Gizmo had been living in Mr. Wing's Chinatown magic shop. But when Mr. Wing passed away, his shop was torn down to make room for businessman Daniel Clamp's Clamp Centre. Gizmo was abducted by a scientist and held captive in the Clamp Genetics Lab.

Meanwhile, Billy gets a job as a commercial artist in Clamp Centre. When he hears a mail clerk whistling Gizmo's song, Billy realizes his furry friend is somewhere in the building. He locates Gizmo in the genetics lab and rescues him - but not for long.

When Gizmo is sprayed with water from a drinking fountain, he unwillingly produces four new offspring - evil Gremlins spawned by the mysterious Mogwai reproductive process.

In SunSoft's Gremlins 2: The New Batch, it's up to you, as Gizmo, to save Clamp Centre from certain doom. You must work your way through four sections of the Centre: a TV studio, genetics lab, system control center, and lobby.

Armed only with a pencil, a boom box, or a tool chest, you won't have a problem overcoming the flying bats and spiders. If you run into a barrier or get hit by an enemy, you'll lose some of your strength. By picking up one of the small hearts scattered throughout the game, you'll restore one heart on your life gauge; by picking up a big heart, you can restore all four hearts of strength.

Gather as much strength as possible before facing each stage boss. In stages 1 through 3, a pencil is all you'll need to destroy the Mohawk, the Bat Gremlin, and the Electric Gremlin, but you'll need a bow and arrow to defeat the Spider Gremlin in stage 4.

Gremlins 2 has some of the best graphics we've seen in a scrolling action game for the Game Boy. The first two stages will be walkthroughs for most players, but even experienced gamers will find the last two stages challenging and fun - maybe even a little too challenging.

Gizmo's in hot water again, and all you Gremlins fans know what happens when a mogwai gets wet! If you don't know, let's just say his problems quickly multiply, and now he's got four nasty clones to contend with. Sun-soft's Gremlins 2: The New Batch is an action/adventure game that rehashes the story of Gizmo trapped in cavernous Clamp Centre.

You've Seen It All Before

Gremlins 2 is a solid game that's good fun even though like the Gremlins themselves everything about it is pretty familiar by now.

However, what makes this game stand out from the pack are the awesome graphics. They're real knockouts that make Gizmo cuddly and the evil gremlins gruesome. There are some truly sharp details, though you'll have to hunt for them on the screen.

There's nothing complex about the game-play, so you can dive right into Gizmo's horizontally-scrolling adventure. You make the little guy jump around and beat bad guys through four stages straight out of the movie - the CATV Studio, the Genetics Lab, the System Control Center, and the Lobby. You also get two bonus stages where you earn extra points and, if you're lucky, 1-Ups.

ProTip: In the first Bonus Stage hit the punching bag 100 times in 10 seconds to earn a 1-Up.

Mogwai Moves

Don't let the cute graphics fool you, this game puts up a worthy challenge. Each stage is overrun with bothersome bats, pesky mice, sinister spiders, and wicked gremlins, who all lurk around tricky jumps and painful spikes. An indestructible gremlin -- George, Lenny, Daffy, or Woman Gremlin (movie stars all) -- prowls around each stage. Just try to avoid them. If you make it to the end of a stage, you run up against a menacing mogwai end boss. You only get three lives, but if the bad Gremmies zap you, you just replay that stage.

  • To beat Mohawk at the end of Stage 1, let his first tomato bounce over you. Then rush forward before he tosses another tomato, and whack him rapidly, but carefully, with your pencil.

  • In general you can keep bats out of your hair by not forcing the screen to scroll upwards.

Your weapons are traditional but cute. Here the Pencil is mightier than the sword, and the Cassette Radio plays a beast-busting tune. But climb inside the Tool Box to really get the job done. Don't worry if you have to retrace your steps, once you plaster your adversaries they won't reappear.

  • To survive Stage 2 you must find the Pencil. (Hint: It's near the top of long stairway).

  • In Stage 3, you might not see the Pencil at first, but it's just three jumps away from the very beginning of the stage.

  • When you have the music note, bats can't bite you from above.

All This and Gremlins 2

Gremlins 2 is a neat hop and bop game with above average challenge and great graphics. You don't have to know Gizmo, the tiny hero, to get into this game, but it might give you a little advantage.

This game is based on the recent hit movie of the same name. Taking place in Clamp Center, a Trump Tower-style fully automated multistory Manhattan office building, our hero Billy Peltzer finds his old friend Gizmo - the tiny, furry, cute creature from the first movie, locked up in a genetics engineering lab in the building. He sets Gizmo free but in the process Gizmo gets wet and spawns off one of the ugly, drooling, evil gremlins. They quickly multiply and take over the entire office building. Your job then becomes one of searching, one by one, all of the offices in the building and eliminating the bad Gremlins. Packed with dozens of cute intermission screens which describe more and more of the storyline, and backed with challenging gameplay including huge end of round bosses, Gremlins 2 has the potential of being a big hit.

What's small, furry and cute, should be kept away from water and sunlight and must never be removed from the slot while the power is on? It's Gremlins II, based loosely on the summer film. And like the film, the game is a pleasant surprise...a lot of clever twists, cinematic graphics and--the biggest rarity of all--an exceptionally appealing hero. There's a dichotomy in the game, though: Its biggest appeal will probably be for children who love the characters, but it's a difficult game and may frustrate its intended audience.

The game starts out with an animated prologue. Gizmo, the warm fuzzy Mogwai with puppy-dog eyes, is trapped in a cage in the genetics lab of the Clamp Plaza. Zach Galligan, in what must be his first appearance in an NES cartridge, frees Gizmo and takes him to his cubicle elsewhere in the building. From there, Gizmo must travel through various levels of the building to the control center of the Plaza, there to meet his destiny. En route, he'll face various creatures bent on his destruction; evil Gremlins (mostly), security devices and other obstacles.

There are five levels in the game, most of which have two separate areas, for a total of nine stages. A four-letter password lets you continue at whatever level you left off; if you lose your last life in Area 2-2, for instance, you can pick up at the beginning of 2-2 next time you play. However, I found that some areas are incredibly tough unless you purposefully start at an earlier level and strengthen your resources. At the end of each level, you get a new offensive weapon automatically.

As in most games, the hero has a life supply, here represented by a row of hearts. As you take hits, the hearts shrink and vanish. Lose your entire row of hearts, and Gizmo spins around and vanishes convincingly in a puff of smoke.

There are a few ways to prolong your life. In each level (though you may have to search an out-of-the-way branch of the area to find it) is an entrance to Mr. Wing's shop. Here you can buy any one of the items he has to offer: balloons to save you from falling down the bottomless pits in Clamp Plaza, a life-restoring potion to replenish your dwindling lifeline, a weapon power-up, additional lives or a heart (which increases the number of hearts in your row). You pay the cost of these items in crystals, which appear momentarily each time you kill an enemy and must be quickly picked up.

The frustrating part of the Mr. Wing Purchase Plan is that he'll only sell you one item from his selection; you're then tossed out of the shop, and it vanishes until the next area. So although you may have accumulated huge numbers of crystals, they won't do you much good.

Gremlins II gets nasty after the first couple of levels. Children who love Gizmo (who appears animated in close-up during the plot-moving scenes between each level) may be stymied by the quantity and complexity of some of the puzzles. The graphics are excellent, particularly for licensed products, which so often appear to be rushed to market with insufficient attention to quality. The music is also varied and sufficiently exciting.

While Gizmo may be too cute for older players to stomach, those who pass this one by may be doing themselves a disservice; there are a lot of tough and interesting twists here that will keep the experienced arcade gamers coming back for more.

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