Guardian War

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a game by Micro Cabin Corp.
Genre: Action
Platform: 3DO
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Guardian War
Guardian War
Guardian War
Guardian War

On another world, in another time, life was abundant, and peace was--secure. Suddenly the forces of darkness spawned upon the planet, creating legions of evil minions. A lone goddess of peace realized that the planet was endangered, so she brought forth warriors to combat the evil using courage, light, and love (aw, how cute). Save the world, save your hide, and impress the babilicious goddess!


This game has an excellent combat system, with really cool fighting animations for each character.


It's difficult to find anything truly disappointing about this game. It's a great RPG/Combat game.


Definitely not the goddess! Who wouldn't save the planet and slay the nasties for her?

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Impressive graphics, a fantastic soundtrack, and incredible visual effects are like icing on this RPG cake. Guardian War is one of the most original, enjoyable, and addictive RPG/strategy games to come along in a while, and it's certainly the best on the 3DO so far.

Golem Garage Sale

Guardian War is a very unusual game. This 3DO adventure takes you on a quest for the Goddess Erald to save the world of goodness from the dark evil of Azrael. Erald calls upon you, her guardian golem, of evil. She grants you the help of your fellow golems, whom you must free from a deep slumber.

Guardian War plays more like a strategic, up-dose-and-personal war game than a conventional RPG. Like standard RPG characters, golems have to build up their basic attributes (hit points, magic points, offensive and defensive power, and so forth), but they also take on new bodies for new skills, and they have the ability to carry two subbodies!

Through the course of the game, you come across new golems to take with you and many different golem bodies to use - Magicians, Priests, Ninjas, Samurai, Shaman, and Knights, to name a few. There are even Birdmen and Fish-men. On top of that, every type of golem body has at least one special, more powerful version of itself that you can move up to once you reach the fifth level.

War Party

While the constant battling may turn off gamers looking for a true RPG experience, Guardian War is a fascinating game to play, and its look plays a big part in that. The computer-rendered graphics give the sprites a daymation quality, and the character animation is excellent. The varied backgrounds have the same claymation look.

The magic will dazzle you the most. You've never seen special effects like Guardian War's - brilliant rainbow tunnels, huge sweeping tidal waves and whirlpools, black light, fire, lightning, even atomic bombs - the list goes on. The spells are truly something to behold and a lot of fun to play with as well.

Although this game system may take some getting used to, the controls won't hinder you. Guardian War's interface is simple and virtually self-explanatory - a good thing, since the manual will remind you of the instructions for your VCR.

On the down side, Guardian War only lets you change items, weapons, and bodies from the world map. While the game serves up plenty of tricky situations and lots of strategy, you won't face any RPG-type puzzles or conversations. Also, if you don't prepare your characters early on, you're bound to get slaughtered later. And realize that once you move to a new world map, you can't go back, so be sure you've explored everything.

What's WarGoodFdr?

Guardian War scores big on all counts, especially its originality. It's highly addictive fun and has a vast array of locations, enemies and options to add complexity. Guardian War is highly recommended. There's nothing else like it on the 3DO, or, frankly, anywhere else.


  • Go to the temples to free your fellow golems from their sleep of stone.
  • Purchase Items, weapons, and even new bodies from the Zagas shop.
  • If Ninja Master's Throw-ingStar doesn't work, try his devastating Plasma Ball.
  • Undersea paradise this ain't. Use Fishman and Neptune here since it's their home, surf.
  • To use the Comba Spells, you need two golems with the same bodies. Choose the Combo Spell during the first golem's turn and highlight his partner. The magic will be transferred and ready to use when the second golem's turn comes around. These spells totally destroy the opposition, so use them whenever possible.
  • Use pur map to see what)s around you. It points out enemies, treasure, and land formatkitis.
  • When you first hit the beach, get the Fishman body, retreat, then switch It with Pumpkin's main body. Otherwise, you may not be able to storm this beach.

In this massive RPG, you're a combatant golem of the Goddess who must journey out and save the world from Azrael, an evil Lord. Equip your golem as a knight, archer, priest, shaman, birdman, or wizard. During play, you roam the land in search of clues, building your strength and doing the standard RPG thing. The unusual graphics have a striking, rendered 3D look.

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