a game by Imagitec Design Inc.
Platform: Atari Jaguar
Genre: Simulation
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Mankind has grown dependent on the Override mainframe, which was designed to handle the increasing complexity of the world net called the l-WAY. This system has worked for many years without a problem; however, its databases start to mutate and begin creating virus Datapods that clog the l-WAY. Now, you are mankind's only hope to clean out the mutant databases and remove the virus datapods that are blocking the l-WAY.

Choose either a light, medium or heavy mech, then enter the l-WAY. Attempt to clear out the datapods and databases by finding weapon and energy power-ups that will help you make more of a statement.

Your mission is to collect datapods that will remove the existing virus programs. You also have to destroy mutant databases to stop viruses from appearing. Once this is complete, enter the datalink.

I-WAR is packed with polygon graphics. The levels have different stages that are connected by a warp. These jump gates move you quickly to different areas on the map where there are additional enemies and datapods that should be collected. Levers and switches that raise platforms and other moving objects will be encountered.

Be sure to stay on your toes, because it is easy to lose lives during the course of this fast-moving game. Players looking for the Jaguar alternative to the PS Assault Rigs should check this one out. The polygon visuals and the interaction between background objects make l-WAR a mech game to look out for if you're a Jaguar owner.

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