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a game by Eric Ries
Platform: PC
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In today’s world of expanding metaverses and online interactivity, having online avatars to represent the players in a virtual world might sound like second nature to most players. However, it’s thanks to the efforts of trailblazing games like IMVU that gamers today can chat with their friends in a simulation of real life, with all the ups and downs of adult life you can imagine included in the whole package.

Featuring a robust approach to a virtual economy and some gorgeous customizable avatars, IMVU certainly looks amazing considering its status as one of the first titles to ever attempt to recreate real life in a simulated space. As long as you’re willing to invest some real-life cash and also take the time to create a second life away from your real-world obligations, then IMVU might be the 3D chat client you were looking for.

Customizing And Accessorizing

Strictly speaking, IMVU would hardly qualify as a game in and of itself. To be more precise would be to call it a 3D chat client where players converge to meet with people that share similar interests to them. Like in real life, part of the success of any social interaction has to do with how attractive your character is, or in IMVU’s case, which accessories your avatar wears.

In a similar vein to Second Life, players can customize their avatar with a few default character creation options. This part will allow you to create a character that more or less resembles your real-life looks — or just go bonkers and create whatever character you feel comfortable playing as.

After that creating your character, accessories become the second most important aspect of IMVU’s world. These accessories can be bought using credits that are paid for with real-life cash. Don’t worry, though: all of these purchases are optional and won’t affect your ability to actually play the game.

Virtual Avatars, Real Friends

As we mentioned before, don’t expect IMVU to be a massive MMORPG with players completing quests or hunting for loot in the style of Runescape. This is mostly a chat client, and as such, socializing with other players becomes the bread and butter of IMVU’s gameplay loop.

In terms of chatting options and interactivity, IMVU allows players the freedom to express themselves through a variety of emotes that can include sound prompts or other forms of expression.

Additional emotes, much like the aforementioned accessories, must be purchased using credits. Though they are great to add some flair to any chat, some players abuse the emote system to spam loud animations that can severely hinder your enjoyment in some chat rooms. But, hey: this is a simulation of what real-life feels like, so obnoxious people are to be expected.

Considering the optional nature of most of the game’s accessories, and how easy it is to socialize — not to mention how beautiful the avatars look — we can say that there are certainly worst ways to socialize online than in IMVU.

Avatars look like slightly stiffer The Sims 3 character models, and seeing as how players can basically customize every aspect of their looks, the possibilities for expression in IMVU are virtually boundless.


If you’re a creative type with a knack for socializing and customizing virtual avatars, IMVU will offer plenty of entertainment with its gorgeous avatars and robust what options.


  • Great customization options
  • It’s easy to find communities and other players with similar interests
  • Tons of accessories to collect and create


  • Almost every accessory costs real-life money
  • Some emotes can disturb in-game chats

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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