Super Seducer 3

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a game by RLR Training Inc
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 7 votes
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Super Seducer 3
Super Seducer 3
Super Seducer 3

As someone that has at one time or another been on the hunt for a partner on Tinder, Bumble and the like. It’s very relatable to myself and indeed a lot of others how tricky the art of seduction can be. To win your fair maiden’s hand, you’ll need to be a smooth talker, be interesting, look attractive, put yourself out there in the right way and of course, you need to have a killer opening line. Well, Super Seducer 3, the last in the series, aims to offer a comprehensive guide on how to (and how not to) seduce a love interest, with plenty of lustful engagements along the way.

This game naturally plays like other games within the Super Seducer series. However, looking outside of this franchise, the game plays rather like Monster Prom, Hatoful Boyfriend, House Party and Armagami. This game lets us take on the role of Richard La Ruina one more time and promises to deliver everything that the fans have been asking for as they close off the series for good. Here is our review of Super Seducer 3.

A Comprehensive Quest For Love (or at least sex)

The game decides to change things up from the previous game in the series, aiming to offer quality over quantity. The game only features three dating scenarios, two of which split into two parts. These will have you approach women in different environments and you will be tasked with persuading them into your bed. Of course, Richard will be on hand to praise or belittle your decisions and offer feedback as he often does. After all, he’s the expert.

Each scenario is much longer than the scenes we are used to and will task the player with staying focused, engaged and playing the long game to succeed. Then once you complete the scene, you will be given a seduction score. Average Joe means you can progress but you ain’t getting laid, anything above is a bonus and can lead to a passionate night and anything less is a fail. It sounds like a rather derogatory game based on stereotypes and pigeonholing of women and subjective opinions and we are here to confirm, you aren’t wrong but there is something morbidly gripping about this game nonetheless. Plus, Richard’s delusional persona is worth the price of admission alone.

An FMV Masterclass

Then with reference to the visuals on offer in this game, we have to say that the decision to keep this game as an FMV experience is a good one. The clips allow players to react to real facial expressions and body language rather than some depicted through an artist. If you’ve ever seen the offerings in Heavy Rain or L.A Noire, you’ll know that it doesn’t always come off as planned. This format lends itself to the gameplay and overall, we appreciate the acting ability and the level of detail on offer in each scene.

The Verdict

Overall, this game succeeds in what it tries to do. It aims to go against the critic’s views of the first two games and continue to provide an experience that caters to fans. In that respect, this game is the best in the series for sure. It is the best version of what Super Seducer can be. The FMV is well handled, the scenarios are given much more depth and there is a tonne of replay value. Sadly though, this is still a very shallow and derogatory game and the concept does nothing to empower woman.

In fact, it does the complete opposite, depicting them as objects that can be tricked and coerced into sexual acts. It’s not our cup of tea but we understand that not everyone is of the same opinion. Objectively, it’s a decent game and the project was handled well by the developer.


We just doubt that you should take these practices into your day-to-day routine, no matter how confident Richard La Ruina is as a certified lady magnet.


  • FMV is handled very well
  • Scenarios are much deeper and more detailed


  • Less varied content than previous games
  • The concept is problematic

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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