Rune Factory 5

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a game by Marvelous
Platform: Nintendo Switch
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Rune Factory 5
Rune Factory 5
Rune Factory 5

The reach of the game development pause has been wide. Several games were set back during 2020 thanks to the COVID epidemic and the impacts of this are still being experienced periodically. Initially, for many players, this felt like a curse since some of the most anticipated games began to face impending setbacks in development. Of course, this would mean that there would be a longer wait before the game released, and waiting is never especially fun. However, in an opposing frame of mind, this epidemic has given developers what was likely a much needed break to regroup and reevaluate the progress they’d made so far and would allow them to improve the final product before release. One title pushed back from 2020 is Rune Factory 5, a series that has not seen an official installment since 2012/2013 (aside from the 2019 Rune Factory 4 Special, which was more of an expansion to 4 than a new title). Rune Factory has an interesting history that has a lot of potential when considering the coming title.

Tend to the Land, Battle Monsters

At the moment, there is relatively little that is known about this installment of Rune Factory aside from the main elements seen in other titles. The story will involve your player character, Ares or Alice (a male/female choice), that is set on defending their land while farming, adventuring, and romancing nearby members of the town of Rigbarth. Aside from this, it is only known that players will be able to team up with members of the town while combating outside forces and monsters.

With these townspeople, you’ll be able to perform special combo attacks, which could be influenced by your level of connection with them. Along with Ares/Alice, you will be able to interact with Scarlett, Priscilla, Lucy, Fuka, Ludmilla, Beatrice, Reinhard, Martin, Cecil, Murakamo, and Lyka. Most of these characters can be romanced in some way or another.

An Extension

The Rune Factory series is deeply connected with the Harvest Moon series, even being described by developer Yoshifumi Hashimoto as Harvest Moon where you wield a sword. Instead of extending on the Harvest Moon series, designers decided instead to branch out and create their own world with their own set of gameplay elements. In many ways, this game plays similarly to Harvest Moon and a bit like Stardew Valley. All Rune Factory titles allow you to grow crops, uprgrade farm equipment, and tend to farm animal.

Rune Factory, however, has you directly defending your farm against invading monsters – Harvest Moon is based purely on relationship building/survival. The same can be expected for the upcoming Rune Factory 5 but with the different plot elements described above.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, this fifth installment will also likely have an open-ended progression where the game can be played endlessly, the only goal being to romance someone and infinitely improve your farm.


Rune Factory 5 will release in Japan on May 20, 2021, and will be released globally later on.

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