Jazz Jackrabbit

a game by Epic MegaGames
Platform: PC
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Jazz Jackrabbit
Jazz Jackrabbit
Jazz Jackrabbit
Jazz Jackrabbit

A game that tests the PC capacity to enter the world of videogames. That’s Jazz Jackrabbit, changing the previous view that only a good game can be hosted in a console or an arcade. This is the first game, with a sequel released in 1998. The first edition of this series was one of the pioneers for the PC gamer audience. This videogame came to the industry to reaffirm the idea that PC and the DOS software was powerful as any other console for playing. Let´s check out more of it.

About the game

This is a side-scroll platform videogame-like that was common in the early ’90s. Our hero, Jazz Jackrabbit starts a crusade against an evil tortoise villain named Daven Shell, that kidnapped planet Carrotus princess Eva Earlong. The green “Rambo” rabbit gets through six episodes and erases everything out of his way to save the princess. Four difficult ways to do it: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Turbo. In every moment with a timer counting down to zero.

Sonic has a little influence in this game, you can see it in the first very moments of the gameplay. A dynamic and fluent movement all along the obstacles of the game and the scenarios disposed of is a clear blink in the eye to the blue hedgehog.

PC pioneer

In the early ’90s, the PC was not seen as capable to run a nice graphics videogame-like arcade. This was a big stand for the PC gamer community because it was one of the first games to be published for the MS-DOS software. Later, the MacIntosh would join.

Speaking of the game itself became a classic. Of course, not the popularity of Sonic or Zool, but reached a nice fan base and was expanded with more episodes in 1995 included a Christmas Special.


Even when it first showed as a low budget copy of other successful classics, it reached some fan base and reached a space in the 1990’s game rankings. The fast gameplay is one of the greatest hits. Running at godspeed in every direction taking care of enemies, jumping, and bouncing gets you quick in the pace even when you barely have two minutes in front.

In the walk-through, the time is your main enemy, even more than the terror kidnapping turtles. It is an easy game in the first modes and that was the point when it was released. You don’t have a deadline time like in the arcade rooms and you have to get some adrenaline going on. It’s a really funny, crazy timed game and you should taste some air from the '90s in this one.

Graphics and visuals

Each of the six scenarios has a lot of details for his time. It’s very cool seeing some Of course, it lacks modern animations but it gets the best part of the graphics side, and the pace of the game gets a lot of benefits from this. Again, the game gets the best out of the DOS software.


Fast and exciting, this is the two words that can define Jazz Jackrabbit. A large number of weapons, explosives, and fins can be founded in this gameplay. The timer is the spicy that then game needed to transform into a massive cocktail of fun. It is like a free traffic highway for you to run with all freedom.


In this game, this section is very special and a perfect additive for the gameplay. The soundtrack goes hand in hand with the game pace. In special moments, when you find some speed booster in the map, the frenzy pace music is the perfect companion of the running maniac rabbit.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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