Learn The Heart

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a game by beepbopdubi
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 9.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Learn The Heart
Learn The Heart
Learn The Heart
Learn The Heart

What a fantastic game Learn The Heart is! This is like a lewd slice of life kind of game and it is a game that well and truly appealed to me. It has some fun lewd content of course, but it was the whole concept of meeting, getting to know, and dating chicks before banging them which appealed to me the most here. Plus, it has a very cool and stylish pixel art design to it which gives the game a ton of personality.

You Can Always Go Back Home!

The premise of the game is quite simple, you quit your brutal and stressful job and decide to move back home to restart your life. Learn The Heart has a kind of Stardew Valley vibe about it, to be honest with you. You need to get a job, take care of business, and most importantly of all, meet women and get to know them. It is like each girl has their own little storyline rather than there being this one big overarching story for you to progress through.

One Girl To The Next

The only criticism I have of the story that is being told in Learn The Heart is that there is no consequences for dating multiple women at the same time. Either this dude is the luckiest guy in the world and is the master at dating more than one woman at a time or they are all cool with being in a poly relationship. I think this is the one area that they could have improved the story/game by forcing you to really focus on one girl or at the very least have the other girls be aware of each other more and not happy with your double or triple dating them.

From The Beach To The Park!

When it comes to the gameplay, Learn The Heart is a very satisfying game to play. It has a kind of adventure sandbox vibe about it in regards to you having to manage money, and inventory and you can go where you want. You get to go to the different parts of the town to meet girls and you have to improve your relationship level with them if you want things to go to the next level. From going on dates to getting them gifts these are ways to improve that. There are several mini-games ranging from a shooting gallery style one to one where you push a girl on the swing, these offer a fun distraction and lessen the frustration of the grind. In all, I really do enjoy the gameplay loop, it has a kind of relaxing vibe about it.

Getting Frisky Wherever You Life

I am a big fan of the pixel art style that they have gone for here in Learn The Heart. The game has a very high quality look to it and the pixel art gives it a ton of charm. The sex scenes all happen in the game, but you can often play around with the camera and mess with different settings so the sex is almost like a mini-game in itself. I loved how our randy MC is willing to do it wherever the opportunity strikes the scene where you bang the chick from behind in the woods being a particular favorite of mine. I am glad that they did not have a bunch of CG XXX scenes as the ones that are here help give the game more charm and help you feel more connected to what is going on.


I had a fantastic time with Learn The Heart and when I come to do my prestigious lewd games of the year list, there is not a doubt in my mind that this one here is not only going to be on it. It has a very high chance of being close to the top spot. I loved every moment of this and I would love to see the developer make some kind of sequel or a whole new game, but in this same style. If you want a lewd slice of life style game where you feel like you are the MC, I highly recommend that you give this a chance.


  • I found each of the girls you get to romance to be interesting
  • The pixel art in the game is great
  • I love how it made me feel like I was in the shoes of the MC
  • This is a very relaxing kind of game to play


  • I do wish that the story had a bit more of an overarching plot
  • It would have been interesting if the girls acknowledged you dating other women

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I was completely blown away by my experience with Learn The Heart. This is a lewd game that has a bit of RPG, a bit of sandbox, and even a bit of old school arcade action all mixed together. It is kind of a dating sim style story that is not taking itself too seriously at all and all of the memes that pop up were awesome and made it so much fun. I could not get enough of this and it is easily one of the best lewd games that I have played so far this year, I am kind of glad I came into it a bit later too as it has a ton of content to keep you busy.

A Slice Of Life With A Slice Of Lewd

The story of Learn The Heart is that we have lost our job and as a result, we have had to move back to our hometown while we get back on our feet. It is here we meet our childhood friend who is way hotter than we remember her being and from there, we just try to live our life, have a good time, and also learn more about ourselves in the process. I think that this could have been a “serious” story, but there is a lot of fun and clever humor here that legit made me smile and laugh as I progressed through the game.

Why Hello My Lady

I thought that Learn The Heart was going to be all about getting to know our childhood friend again as far as the love and sex of the story goes, but that is not actually the case at all. You see, another “interesting” lady catches our eye and we have to decide what we are going to do about it. This aspect of the game was a little more linear than I would have liked as I think having more consequences for our wandering eye and penis would have added more depth to the story. But to be fair, this is a story that is played more for laughs so I guess the way it is presented does fit the tone more.

The Town Is Our World

The gameplay of Learn The Heart was something that I had a whole lot of fun with, I am sure the fact I got so connected to the story also helped, but this was just so much fun. We get to explore the different areas as we find items, talk to people, and so on. It has some RPG like mechanics that I thought were interesting and kept you pushing forward. The game also has several mini-games that do repeat, but I thought they were fun. From playing a game of Whack a Mole at the local arcade to serving customers at your job, the game always has you doing something or being on your way to doing something.

A Pixel Perfect World

They have gone for a pixel art style in Learn The Heart and this is a style I feel like I have seen a great deal in the last couple of years. Yet, with that being said, I love the look of this game. The more realistic small town look is just so appealing and the different locations have a ton of personality, I loved the park and the arcade is one of my favorite locations of any lewd game, especially the hot sex scene that you can get in there. The sex scenes are all animated and they are so much fun. As you get connected to the characters, I think that it makes the sex scenes even hotter.


If you want a lewd game that is funny, has some real substance to it, and is just a lot of fun to play, Learn The Heart is a game that I cannot recommend highly enough to you! I had such a great time with this. It is honestly one of the most memorable lewd games I have played in quite some time. I even played the mobile version of it which was not as easy to control as the one on PC, but it still was a fantastic experience.


  • I loved the setting and the story of the game
  • You get to meet some interesting characters
  • Exploring the town was fun
  • The gameplay has a few different styles that keeps it interesting


  • The humor may not click with everyone
  • I can see some people wishing the story was a bit more serious

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