Made Man

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a game by SilverBack Studios
Platform: PC (2006)
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 11 votes
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Made Man
Made Man
Made Man

This Is a game that had the potential to wipe the floor with the competition. David Fisher is the real mafia deal - not that he's in the mafia, yon understand; but his non-judgmental biography of the hitman Joey Black has earned him friends in the Family. Who better then, to write an original storyline for a mob game than Fisher?

Sadly, that's the wrong question. I have no issue whatsoever with the storyline, script or even acting in Made Man. The story unfolds perfectly well through a series of flashbacks in different eras, as you drive to the game's conclusion. I even grew to quite like Joey, for all his tough talk and bitterness.

The problem's with the lack of inspiration or effort. I dont mind imperfect graphics. But shooting at identical hicks in a scrapyard filled with identical cars brings a certain gaming bleakness, and the last time someone's hat flew off when I shot them in the leg... Well, it was long before I became a games reviewer.

The action is little more than a nine-hour rinse and repeat a loop of taking cover, shooting and occasionally sniping. There's no battle of wits; the maps are linear. Ammunition and medkits are so abundant you'll rarely be in fear of your life. The enemies, if they move at all, run directly into your bullets. The first boss, a helicopter, feels like there should be an interesting way to kill it but there isn't You just shoot it dozens of times.

If any dog-owners have tried reading a newspaper on the floor, they'll know how frustrating it is when their stupid mutt keeps lying down on it thinking it's a game. Here, we have the same problem - Made Man thinks it's a game.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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