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Tonight, matthew, I'm going to be a gangster. I'm going to go back to the '30s, when the roads were clear, and I'm going to play the part of a taxi driver who gets caught up in the syndicate of an old-school mob family, then pussies out and decides he wants his family to be safe.

So, we start our story with a chat to a good-old Oirish New Yoik trench coated copper, cutting a deal. The policeman wants us to tell our story -and that's what the game is.

A few things make Mafia stand out. The soundtrack is as authentic as any GTA game, with Django Reinhardt's jazzy skidoodles guiding you around the streets. It's less commercial than a cross-promotional set of '80s themed CDs, but things were less commercial back then. The mini-map only tells you about traffic, if you want to know where you're going, you have to look at a map, which obscures your view. Like it would.

Also, the cars are slow. The opening mission can leave you stumped, until you realise that you can't outrun the other car - you have to nudge it into a pillar, and take advantage of their lousy manoeuvrability. By the time they've three-point turned out of their corner, you'll be well away.

Still, our hero is a good example of a hapless soul, whose road to hell was paved with self-doubt and good intentions. He's not a typical Rockstar ex-con protagonist, lie's an example of how good people can be tempted and that makes him more immediately sympathetic. Because none of us here are thieves. Now for information on how to steal this game, see "But how?"

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