Mega Man Zero

Download Mega Man Zero and join Zero in an action-packed adventure to save humanity! Battle fearsome foes, harness powerful abilities, and restore peace in this high-energy platformer. Ready to become a hero? Play now!
a game by Capcom
Genre: Action
Platform: GBA
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.2/10 - 11 votes
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Mega Man Zero
Mega Man Zero
Mega Man Zero

I am a huge fan of the Mega Man Zero series. This is exactly what I was looking for from the series as the Battle Network games, to be honest never really clicked with me in a major way. The game we are looking at today was originally released in 2002 and would be the first of four games in this series.

From Zero To Hero

I may sound a bit crazy to some, but Mega Man Zero for the Game Boy Advance has the best story of any game in the series. The game has you playing as Zero and the events of the game are set 100 years after what happened in the last Mega Man X game. Zero is an absolute badass, but he is having trouble remembering things. Basically, there is a huge war involving the Reploids and Zero finds himself in the middle of it as he uncovers what happened before he went missing.

Hard To Master, But Awesome Once You Do!

The Mega Man series is known for being hard, but that is especially true for Mega Man Zero. This is one very, very challenging game and it does not give you an inch! I can see some people getting frustrated with it, but for the right kind of person, this game will be awesome for you. I freaking love the gameplay of this game. Zero has four “abilities” you have the pistol, a beam sword, shield, and spear. Each weapon can be upgraded as you play.

The combat is what I really love about the game. Zero just feels like such a badass in this game. Once you get the controls down, you can change between weapons and dish out these amazing combos that not only do a lot of damage, they also look really cool and make you feel like a total badass as well.

What About The Platforming

Like other games in the series, Mega Man Zero has plenty of platforming sections. These work fine, but some things that should be simple such as climbing the walls can be a bit annoying until you really get it all down. I think this is a game that you have to really stick with to learn the controls.

Super Smooth

I played through this recently and was amazed at how good Mega Man Zero still looks. This is one of the better-looking games that was on the Game Boy Advance during this time. The levels have tons of little details in them and I love how the game moves at a blistering pace. The character models look great and the animations as well look better than anything we saw before this on the Super Nintendo.

I really cannot praise Mega Man Zero enough. Some may say that they ran this series into the ground and I am not 100 percent sure I would actually disagree with that. However, the first Mega Man Zero game is phenomenal and one of my favorite games in the entire Mega Man franchise. It is just so much fun to play….. as long as you can stick it out and get the best out of the controls as it is a very, very challenging game.



  • It is one of the best looking early GBA games
  • Zero is a fantastic protagonist
  • I love the story and it has a great twist
  • You feel like a badass when playing the game
  • The soundtrack is really rocking


  • It is one of the most challenging games in the series
  • Some may quite without really learning the game

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Mega Man is back again, or is he? Actually this time it's his pal Zero that's back. Zero is awakened from a hundred-year sleep to help a scientist named Ciel to find the source of a new Reploid energy. Mega Man Zero brings you more classic Mega Man action, this time with the heat of action turned way up.

As with too many games these days you have to sit through a ton of dialogue before you can actually play, even if you've already been through that portion of the game before. Unless you're familiar with the Mega Man series story line none of it will really make any sense anyway. Once the play starts you'll find yourself up against all kinds of interesting creatures that come at you pretty fast. As long as you don't mind repetitive motion injuries to your trigger thumb, you should be able to take 'em out easily enough. If you're lucky some enemies will leave some life capsules, crystals, or a Cyber Elf behind. The elves are seemingly helpful computer programs that can be found and invoked at certain times after they've been downloaded at your base. Someone must have been feeling a little Giga Pet-ish when they developed the game as certain elves need to be fed crystals and maintained to achieve their full potential. But what will really make you want to throw your GBA against the wall is fighting the bosses. They seem to be harder to destroy than the bosses in any other Mega Man game I've played. They are way fast and have lots of life. Some even have time limits that you must beat them in. This game is definitely for the seasoned Mega Man junkie.

The controls, graphics, and sounds are exactly what you would expect from a Mega Man game, no complaints here. You have all the Mega Man abilities such as wall jumping and using multiple weapons and special items but don't bother trying to duck. If you've played any recent Mega Man game, you pretty much know how to play this one.

Mega Man Zero isn't a bad game, just difficult. If the bosses weren't so hard to destroy I would've been much happier. I would definitely recommend this game to obsessive Mega Man players and/or people that think everything else out there is just too easy, but if you get frustrated quickly or just want a relaxing play then this isn't the game for you.

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