Mega Man X

Download Mega Man X and join the iconic blue bomber in a futuristic battle against the forces of evil! Utilize powerful weapons, face deadly enemies, and save the world in this thrilling platformer. Power up and play now!
a game by Capcom
Genre: Platformer
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 9.1/10, based on 6 reviews
User Rating: 7.9/10 - 31 votes
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Right on! Capcom's finally transferred its man of steel, er, titanium from the 8-bit wastelands into bright, bold, brilliant 16-bit glory, and this one was worth the wait! Mega Man X is one of the best SNES side-scrollers ever.

Send in the Reploids

Mega Man X brings a new and story line to the series, while maintaining the classic elements of the 10 NES and Game Boy prequels. When a journeyman scientist named Dr. Cain unearths a several-century-old time capsule containing the powerful Mega Man X, he tries to replicate Dr. Light's triumphant work of robotic genius. Unfortunately, his replication technique is imperfect, and many of the resulting reploid robots go berserk. It's up to X and his reploid friend Zero to track down the mavericks and their leader, Sigma.

Mega Mavericks

While old-time villain Dr. Wily didn't have a hand in the mischief, Wily's fingerprints seem to be all over the concept of this new game. After a great introductory sequence, you enter the familiar eight-robot stage-select screen. Your new adversaries are much more diabolical than before, looking more like twisted robot creations than generic humanoid android forms. Their weapons are powerful, and they have fearsome new abilities, such as Sting Chameleon's Predator-style cloaking and Storm Eagle's wind blasts.

ProTip: Dr. Light is still Mega Man's mentor.

X Marks the Shot

The X-Man's arsenal is now stoked to the point of boiling over! As always, he's equipped with the standard Mega Buster, and he can add a new gun each time he defeats one of the Mavericks in top-secret areas. X can also find some great power-up abilities, such as the Dash Attack, the Head Butt, and the Super Arm Cannon. Sadly, a dog catcher must have rounded up Rush Dog, but the new abilities more than compensate for the pooch's absence.

Your friend Zero will get you out of some tight spots. You'll need his help later!

Controlling Mega Man is more intuitive than ever, since you can now swap between weapons at any time just by pressing L and R (you don't even have to pause and enter the sub-screen). The controls could have benefited from having one button fire the Mega Buster and another button activate an optional weapon, but otherwise you won't have any hangups with Mega's maneuvers.

  • The wall jump can get you out of tight places!
  • This is the new stage- select screen. You can check out where each robot is located on the map, get a bird's eye view of their stage, or find out their name and weapon of choice.
  • The new password system is much easier to transcribe than the old grid!
  • If you're fighting this creature of the deep, don't always go against the flow. Let it drag you to safety.

X for X-cellence

SNES Mega Man packs a thrilling display of graphics. From the tiny Hard Hat Macs to the gigantic tunnel-diggers to the underwater missile tortoises, the new-look enemies really reach out and grab ya! The richness of animation, detail, and movement is superb, and although the game frequently slows down it doesn't impede your enjoyment too much.

MM X is graced by a solid lineup of metal-munching music and bold sound effects. The tunes sound like they're merely upgraded versions of the 8-bit songs, but enough bass and other musical effects have been added to keep you in high gear. The sound effects really crank and reverberate for big explosions.

The only major X on Mega Man's checklist is the number of levels (12 instead of the traditional 16 in the NES games). X-perts will be able to plow through this one in a few days, but if you miss all the secret power-ups and energy tanks, you'll be horse meat when you face off with Sigma!

  • Use one power-up to find other power-ups. You'll need the Emergency Acceleration System (a.k.a. the speed boots) to find the armor in Sting Chameleon's Stage.
  • If you reach Sigma's stage, you'll need the Homing Missiles to stop the homing enemies who try to knock you off the floating platforms.
  • The map actually has significance! Flame Mammoth's stage will be a little frostier if you return after defeating Chill Penguin.
  • Once you find the Super Arm Cannon, experiment! Pull out one of your optional weapons, hold down the fire button...and check out the results!

They Saved the Best for X!

No doubt about it, Capcom's poured the best of its creative juices into designing this triumphant SNES debut. There's plenty of room for improvement in the future (and you can bet there will be sequels ad nauseum!), especially if the game adds mucho more levels. But for now, take Mega Man X and call in sick tomorrow!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Machine: Snes
  • Manufacturer: Capcom

X Marks The Spot

In the 21st century, Dr. Light has finally invented a perfect race of robots. In fact, they are so advanced that they have been given the same rights as any human. However, some of the robots malfunctioned and have begun to form a rebellion against the people of earth. Their dissension immediately sparked the formation of a worldwide robot defense force - the RoboPolice. They now join Mega Man to lead an attack against Sigma and his evil plans of genocide. It's about time! Not only is Mega Man finally on the Snes, but he also now has ten titles overall - that's way more than even Mario or Sonic! This 12-meg cart also marks the beginning of a whole new line of adventures that follow a different path than the original games. For example, you won't find Dr. Wily appearing in the Snes series. There's also brand-new play enhancements that are exclusive to the Snes. And, as usual, Capcom's 16-bit graphics and sound are simply amazing.

Look for Mega Man X in December, and keep your eyes glued to Game Players for tons of Mega-strategy in the coming months. Nobody knows Mega Man inside and out like us!

Mega Man now can climb walls by repeatedly bouncing up against them. This is a handy trick that you'll use almost as much as your gun.

At the start of the game you come face to face with your enemy, but he's too powerful for you. Don't worry - you'll get another chance.

  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: January 1993
  • Theme: Action
  • Levels: 13

Mega Man is back! This time, he is set way into the future, where he is the basic design principal for all the robots of that time. However - as expected - things go wrong. So Mega Man must come to the rescue. In this version, he has a new friend that does not play a major role, but informs him of upcoming dangers. There are also pieces of add-on equipment that Dr. Light has left for you from the past, like armor and dash boots. This has got to be one of the best 8- to 16-Bit conversions to date! Here, we present the first eight levels, pics of the Bosses and all the cool weapons you can get! More on this in later issues!

  • Available: 1994
  • No. of Levels: 13

People say:


Mega Man X is one of the best action game on any system anywhere. The action and graphics are superb. I like the fact that you can power-up the weapons you collect from your opponents. The only complaints I have are with the lack of challenge. The game goes by too quickly, and I don't care for having to play that one level first either. Overall, this is a game that shouldn't be missed. It's loads of fun.


Let's start off by saying that this game is no simple 8-Bit translation. What we have here is the ultimate in action games. Mega Man X is packed with so much strategy and incredible weapon power-ups, you'll wonder why games aren't made like this everyday! Superb graphics and a great soundtrack complement perfect play control. If you're looking for one game this year, you needn't search any farther.


This is AWESOME! It's been a long time since I really enjoyed a good action platform game. This game took everything that made the previous MM games so good and totally improved upon them. The excellent graphics have some butt-kicking effects mixed with stereo music and sound. The new Bosses are very cool with their awesome attacks. Who cares if this is bit easy, I'll play it till my eyes bleed!


The theme of Mega Man will never get old especially when it's done this well. Is it the great graphics, the incredible play mechanism, the fantastic control... Yes! From start to finish this is one of the best action games of the year. This may be a bit too easy for Mega fans but there is tons to explore and each level seems like a new adventure. This definitely gets the Sushi two swords up!

Ever since the Super NES hit the shelves, gamers have wondered, watched, and waited for one of gamedom's most famous stars to make his SNES debut. Mega Man's one of the most prolific video game characters of all time, starring in more adventures than even Mario. To date, he can be found in six NES and four Game Boy games. Until now, though, the Megster hasn't dipped a single metallic toe into a 16-bit screen. Drum roll...the wait is over! That's right, there's a Mega Man series planned for 16-bit. Mega Man's making his SNES premiere this Christmas in Mega Man X.

X-Pect The Un-X-Pected

Capcom's recipe for success in the 10 previous Mega Man adventures has been consistent: Mega Man meets Doc Wily. Doc Wily tries to destroy Mega Man by sending hordes of hasty robots after him. Mega Man destroys the robots and then battles Doc Wily. Does Mega Man X feature more of the same? Yes...and no.

What's different in this one- player game is, for starters, Mega Man's setting. MM X is set far in the future, and Doc Wily is tucked away in the history books. Humankind's current nemeses are now the RoboPolice (half-human, half-robotic cops). When the RoboPolice go bad, there's only one robot with the (nuts and bolts necessary to short-circuit them. You guessed it, it's Mega Man to the rescue.

Although Mega Man X's. game play is roughly similar to previous Mega Man adventures, the game features a number of 16-bit enhancements that give it a new look and feel. Mega Man still runs, jumps, and fires like he did in his previous adventures. You'll notice right off, though, that he's a much larger sprite, and he's got a new, more sophisticated, bluish look. The background graphics are also different. Notice that Mega Man now fights his way through a futuristic cityscape, with a heightened degree of detail in the background graphics and larger enemy sprites.

Rush (MM's mechanical canine friend of earlier times) and Mega Man's other mechanical allies have long since gone to that junk heap in the sky. Fortunately, Mega Man has two new hard-wired friends, RX and RY. These two RoboPolice escaped the reprogramming that turned the other mechanical cops bad. With their help, and additional hardware enhancements that give the Man super speed, super weapons, and a special new head-on attack, Mega Man's able to tackle an entirely new crew of enemies.

Mega Man X is a Japanese video game, released under the name of Rockman X in Japan, developed by Capcom and published in 1993 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) / Super Famicom. The game is a sequel to the first Mega Man, released few years earlier, and is part of the Mega Man X Collection, including five other Mega Man games.

The gameplay is similar to the one in the first Mega Man game, but includes new features. X, the main character, has the ability to clash along the ground, can climb walls and has a Wall Jump option, and he can also dash and jump at the same time, increasing his speed in the air. X has more mobility in the second game than in the original release. The players had to rely a lot on the weapons in the first game, but the new mobility allows them to play the game with the default gun only.

Zero, who is the leader of the Maverick Hunters in the first Mega Man X game, is also a playable character. He is armed with a beam saber and relies on this weapon a lot. He gains the ability to duck in the latter releases, but also new other interesting capabilities.

The Mavericks do not have humanoid appearance, but are mostly types of organisms (most of the time animals), like most of the bosses in the classic series. Their names and attacks, however, are based on mechanical or chemical phenomena or laws of physics.

Though some Mavericks have new, never-before-seen powers (e.g., Toxic Seahorse from X3), most have the traditional element-based weapons of the past games, such as fire, water, ice, lightning, wind, and earth.

Mega Man X was released by Capcom to refresh the old image of Mega Man. There are 11 games in total, ported on different platforms, such as PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Color, Sega Saturn or SNES.

The main character called Mega Man X, also known as “X”, was created by a doctor some years ago. X is a new type of robot with the ability to think on its own and make its own decisions. When he realized that X might turn against the human race, he sealed X in a capsule for 30 years, in which it is not known what happened, but it seems Dr. Thomas Light died. Almost 100 years after its creation, X is found by Dr. Cain, and creates a legion of robots, which was later on infected by a virus.

The game was fairly popular due to the interesting plot. GameSpot users rated the release with 9.0 (from 2.048 votes at the time of the review), while 6 critics rated the game with a total average of 8.8.

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