Monster Hunter Generations

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a game by Capcom
Platform: 3DS
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Monster Hunter Generations
Monster Hunter Generations
Monster Hunter Generations
Monster Hunter Generations

If I had to write a list of my 20 or more favorite Nintendo 3DS games, Monster Hunter Generations would have a strong chance of making that list. While Capcom themselves have said that they consider this game to be more of a spin-off than a main entry in the series, I think that it ticks all of the boxes of what you want and need in a game from this franchise. Granted, bigger and better games in the series would come along and make this one kind of irrelevant, but at the time, this was a fantastic game and in going back and playing it for this review, I feel that it holds up pretty well.

You Are A Hunter!

I think that they actually tried pretty hard to make a compelling story in Monster Hunter Generations. Yes, you play as a nameless hunter looking to kill and loot as many monsters as you can, but the reasoning behind it here I found to be pretty interesting.

You head to a village called Bherna and you will take on various missions and tasks as the story progresses, there are three other villages in the game to that have a part to play in how things unfold. Look, it is not amazing, but it certainly does a good job of fleshing out why you are hunting all these monsters.

Meeting Your Maker!

If you have played a game in the series or even read a little about one you know what to expect from Monster Hunter Generations. You will need to get weapons and gear and level up to make sure you are strong enough to fight more and more powerful monsters. It is a never ending cycle and to some people, I am sure this would get old fast, but to us who love Monster Hunter, it is so addictive, and when you start playing a new game or even go back and play an old one, that addiction sets in.

Keeping Things Fresh

For a portable game, Monster Hunter Generations did actually add in some pretty neat stuff to make things interesting. One of the coolest things for me was letting us actually play as the cat people (Felynes) who before were only ever companions. New special attacks and epic combat styles to play around with were added to the game and these do wonders in expanding the gameplay and making the combat even more fun.

What I think is extra great about this is that when you are playing with other people, there are more ways that you can fight and set up, making each party you are in feel far more unique. It is still fun to play on your own, but even with the limited chat option, there was something so very cool about standing with other players and getting ready to take down an epic beast.


If you have a Nintendo 3DS collection, Monster Hunter Generations is a game that has to be in it. When this came out, I was blown away and sunk way more hours into it than I am comfortable telling you about, I even took it to work and would play on my lunch break and maybe when I was supposed to be working too. I will admit that there is a better version of this called, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch and that these days is the way that you are best experiencing this game.


  • This game is so addictive!
  • For a Nintendo 3DS game, it looks great
  • I love how deep the gear customization aspect is
  • It was one of the best 3DS multiplayer experiences I had


  • I am not sure you can still play this online with the Nintendo 3DS
  • The Nintendo Switch release has made the 3DS version kind of pointless

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