Moonglow Bay

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a game by Bunnyhug
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Moonglow Bay
Moonglow Bay
Moonglow Bay
Moonglow Bay

With its voxel art style, Moonglow Bay was a game that caught my attention right away. I have to admit that any game which is set in the 80s is always going to get my attention! Why is it that setting stuff in the 80s is so popular right now? Anyway, this is an RPG that has a more relaxing kind of vibe to it, and the idea of playing as a fisherman was something that I never knew interested me… until now!

To Honor My Parents

I was kind of surprised at just how story driven Moonglow Bay was. We play as a young guy and inexperienced fisherman who is trying to fulfill a promise to his parents.

They had a fishing business and it is failing and our “hero” promised that he would work there and try to make it all work. I went into this with the impression that it was a slice of life kind of story, but there are little bits of “fantasy” here too as there are “monsters” in this land.

The Life Of A Fisherman!

The main gameplay of Moonglow Bay is the fishing. The game has you exploring all these different seas trying to catch as many fish as you can so that you can keep this failing business afloat. You will have to learn to throw your nets, set various traps, and even do a bit of ice fishing too. Each area of the game has its own challenges when it comes to fishing. Once you catch the fish, you may think that you sell them and that is that, but there is more to the gameplay than just that.

Fish & Chips

Your hard work in Moonglow Bay is not done once you have caught a few fish! There is also a cooking element to the game too, you need to cook the fish that you have captured, and then you can sell them. With the money that you earn, you can invest that in your business to get better fishing equipment and also upgrades for your boat and your shop too. It is a pretty addictive mechanic where you always want to be earning the next upgrade.

Flashy Voxels

I know some people will look at this game and get major Minecraft vibes and that is clearly intentional.

The thing is while I think that Moonglow Bay is a good-looking game and they manage to convey a great deal of charm with this art style, I think a more animated kind of art style would have fit this story so much better, but that could be just a personal preference thing to be fair.


Moonglow Bay is the kind of game that is very easy to lose many hours in. I thought that the story of a young person trying their best to fulfill their parent's wishes had a lot of charm to it. The gameplay loop of exploring, catching fish, cooking them, and then selling them to get upgrades was something that I found very satisfying indeed and the voxel style I am sure is going to be perfect for many of you guys.


  • I really got into the premise of the game
  • The fishing in the game is far more skill based than you would think
  • I liked cooking the fish!
  • You always are striving for that next upgrade which is very addictive


  • While the voxel graphics are well done, I think another art style would have fit the story better
  • The game may be a bit chilled out for some people

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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