Download Omori and explore a surrealist world filled with vibrant characters and emotional storytelling. Navigate both the light and dark sides of the psyche, and uncover the truth behind a mysterious world. Embark on a captivating journey and play now!
a game by OMOCAT, LLC
Platform: PC
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If you've ever read into the Omori webcomics, you'll know that sometimes they don't sit well with the mind. Maybe that's just a personal preference - but they are always a bit eerie and unsettling to me. The concept, however, sets a magnificent undertone for a video game. Developers Omocat has exploited that notion - and aimed high to create and psychological horror RPG.

Here we have an indie release that capitalizes on the popularity of stripped-down, pixelated games - sending players into euphoric nostalgia of Game Boy titles. The fusion of Omori lore into a playable setting sets the potential for a great game here - and the indie team pressure usually delivers. Let's have a look at the outcome.

Take a Trip to the Dark Side

I'm happy to say that the ideas and concepts behind the narrative of Omori have been executed flawlessly into a video game format. While the initial story may confuse, playing through the first sections become quite the tale that defines fears, emotions, and challenges of the human experience. The premise revolves around Omori, who faces a change of his usual set of friends going their separate ways. The game follows a retreat to his head where he will battle his own internal demons, seamlessly transitioning to the classical RPG mechanics.

Within the beautifully colored world of Omori, you'll travel through the world solving puzzles, doing side-quests, and gaining upgrades and inventory. There will also be numerous battles you and your imaginary friends will have to face. Most of the game follows the top-down perspective familiar to old Game Boy RPGs and turn-based battle systems that will need a tactical approach to overcome.

The concept of Omori always unsettled me - but the stories, lore, and ideas are so well integrated it's hard to find anything unplayable. The visuals exploit nostalgia with a superior flair - adding ethereal color-palettes and flowing gameplay. Even when there are bizarre transitions between pixels and hand-drawn battle scenes.

It's Beautiful

It's been a while since I played a game quite like Omori. How it's been delivered focuses all the best qualities of the narrative into a very palatable experience. For a game that doesn't present an idea of what it's about to an unsuspecting player - it's remarkably immersive.

There's clearly been a lot of thought put into this. How the gameplay synchronizes with the underlying features of the comics is unbelievable.


Omori does take influence from indie successes like Undertale - following similar core structures in battle scenes and tactics. The transitioning between gameplay styles, however, is unique. It's always a risk when you fuse varying elements together like this - as it could present as a total mess. Not Omori, though - it works on all levels. Apart from areas where you feel the game is dragged out on purpose - it's brilliant.


  • Concepts of the comics are well-developed with video game mechanics
  • Challenging throughout while accessible
  • The storyline is incredible immersive


  • Some side-missions and puzzles seem difficult for the sake of extending the game time

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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