Point Blank

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a game by Namco Ltd.
Genre: Shooting Games
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 9.9/10, based on 4 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 3 votes
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Point Blank
Point Blank
Point Blank
Point Blank

One of our favorite arcade shooters is making a transition to the home consoles. Point Blank is a light gun shooter that strays from the traditional formula of shoot-the-bad-guy-don't-shoot-the-good-guy. The game takes you through a series of stages, each is different from the other. Your targets range from bull's-eyes to pop-up cardboard targets to animals. Every level delivers the targets in a unique way, giving more replay value than others of its kind. Two-player Modes have you competing to outscore your opponents. the game more replay value than others of its kind. Two-player Modes have you competing to outscore your opponents.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

People say:


This is it: the best light gun game I have ever played in my entire life. This is not a light statement to make, especially when we have great games like Virtua Cop 2 or Time Crisis. What sets Point Blank apart from the rest is its wide variety and sheer simplicity. It's like having Duck Hunt, Lethal Enforcers, Wild Gunman and every other classic shooting game in one disc. Every mini-game is very different from the next. For example, one stage gives you one bullet to shoot an apple off a person's head while another might give you unlimited ammo to type out words by shooting keys on an on-screen keyboard. This arcade-perfect translation is more than enough for my full recommendation. Namco, however, is never happy with a straight arcade-to-home port. In a typical Namco move, the programmers have added much more to the PS version. We get an awesome eight-player Party Mode. We get a novel Quest Mode. We get extra home-exclusive stages. For the PB fan like me, it's almost too much. I can talk your ears off telling you how much fun this game is, but you won't truly appreciate it until you sit down and play it with a few friends. It's one of those types of games that will suck in gamers and nongame’s alike. If you don't get the idea by now, check out Point Blank!


Gun games just don't get any better than this. It's one of the most fun, addicting, long-lasting one- or two-player games out there. If you've never played Point Blank in the arcade, buy it immediately. Its variety and sheer number of stages will keep you shooting silly sprites for months. And even if you've played the arcade game to death, buy it anyway. As usual, Namco has loaded the home version with extras.


For those, of you who picked upTirae Crisis with the GunCon, add another "must-buy" to your list. Point Blank is one of those titles you'd be silly not to have in your gaming library: If not for the fun One-player Modes (the regular arcade game and especially the added Quest Mode), then for the awesome Two-player and Tournament Modes. BTW, If you don't already have the GunCon, it's worth buying for Point Blank alone.


Thank God. I've spent WAY too much money on this game in the arcade already. Point Blank is my favorite light gun game EVER. It's SO much fun, and there's SO much variety that it'll keep you entertained for weeks. Add to that several home-exclusive modes (definitely check out the wacky Quest Mode), and you have the most enjoyable, well-rounded light gun game imaginable. Playing against a friend is an absolute blast. GREAT game.

Point Blank has been a long-time arcade favorite with our editors, and now that we've gotten a chance to play the unfinished U.S. PlayStation demo, we're drooling.

Point Blank is known as GunBullet in Japan (previewed in issue #100). It is a light gun game that looks extremely childish and simplistic next to today's polygon-intense gun games. It involves nothing more than shooting various sprites on a screen.

But it's the delivery that sets Point Blank apart from the rest. Instead of going through stage after stage, shooting bad guys (and not the good), Point Blank puts you up to a series of small challenges that requires speed, coordination and accuracy.

For example, you might have 15 seconds to destroy a helicopter or you might have 30 seconds to shoot beer bottles off a shelf. Or, the game may simply give you one bullet to shoot an apple off some poor schmuck's head. Point Blank even has levels where you have to shoot the numbers through 16 in order, or type out words by shooting typewriter keys on the TV screen. Some games give you a time limit, some an ammo limit. But the stage is unique and different enough to keep you coming back for more.

In addition, the home version of Point Blank will include Eight-player Tournament Modes (perfect for parties), extra training missions (with never-before-seen challenges) and an RPG-type Quest Mode (where you defeat enemies and earn experience points by shooting through several minigames).

This one-or two-player game will only support Namco's own Guncon (one will be packed in with Point Blank, but you'll need another for two-player games).

Relief is on the way for GunCon gunslingers. Point Blank is a GunCon-com-patible shooter; however, it's totally different from the great Time Crisis. Point is recast from a cartoony 1980s Japanese arcade gun game called GunBullet. With target shooting ranging from blasting apples off heads to battling tank battalions, PB's appeal will be sheer variety. There's an RPG-like story mode where you equip a two-man party and interrogate characters. Yes, you use the GunCon as the controller!

Want the gun without the gore? Point Blank replaces the grisly elements of most shooters with good old-fashioned fun.

With stage after stage of targets like cuckoo-clock birds, Point Blank is as close to--dare we say it?--cute as a shooting game can be. It's about accuracy, not bloodshed. There's no pesky reloading to frustrate beginners, and the constantly changing contests make it hard to get bored.

The simple 2D graphics work great for target shooting, and the gunshots sound fine. The Cun-Con controller is included and plugs in through the PlayStation's video jack, resulting in extremely accurate shots.

All these elements converge to make a lighthearted shooter that will entertain you for a surprisingly long time.


  • Properly calibrate the gun, then hold It at the same height as the screen. Adjust your TV or yourself so you're not shooting at an angle.
  • In the bottle stages, pick a place to start and shoot the entire row, then shoot the shelf below In the opposite direction.

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