Power Factor

a game by Hand Made Software, Ltd.
Platform: Lynx
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Power Factor
Power Factor
Power Factor
Power Factor

Although you don't hear much about it, some pretty good games are being produced for the "other" color hand-held system-the Atari Lynx. Power Factor makes good use of the Lynx' graphic muscle and game play capabilities. This shoot-em-up action/adventure cart is taking aim right at you!

Redd Ace Versus The Techmods

Here's a twist. Usually video games try to pass themselves off as direct, first-person experiences. Power Factor, on the other hand, is a side-scrolling video game within a video game. On the Atarian Leisure Moon, the most popular form of entertainment is playing a Virtual Reality Simulator game, Power Factor, which recreates the epic battle between Redd Ace and the monstrous Sinledo Techmods that invaded the Atarian dimension.

As Ace, you must infiltrate the Techmods stronghold through 11 zones on a nuclear power station, find six hidden bomb components, and blow up all the invaders. Succeed, and you'll rack up the Top Score and all the glory. Lose, and well see you at the end of the line waiting for another play.

Chills and thrills await you on each zone of the power station. Armed with only a TMAT MOW (TRANSMAT Multi-Ordinance Weapon) and a backpack levi-tator, you face an unceasing onslaught of Techmod creepazoids, plasma cannons, deathtraps, dead ends, and huge monstrous Bosses. Keep a close eye on the status icons and gauges that run along the bottom of the game screen, especially the Fuel and Strength gauges. Use fuel only for flying onto upper levels and blasting high targets, because you're a goner if you're out of fuel and groundbound.

You have only three lives, and there are no continues or passwords. In fact, when the game's over, it's really over. You have to restart to play again. Fortunately pickup items (Fuel, Strength, Weapons, Extra Lives and Bomb Parts) are scattered throughout the zones to make life a little more bearable.

Power Factor takes place on two screens-the main action screen and the Multiple Information Monitor (MIM) screen. The MIM gives a detailed account of your current status, number of collected bomb pieces, information about available weaponry, and inside info on enemy life forms. When he stands in front of video display units, Redd can hook up his MIM to the computer mainframe and access a detailed map that reveals where the zone exit is, his current location, and the location of pickup items. Use the map often, or you'll end up Redd meat!

Space Ace

Power Factor is a Power-ful game. This game delivers highly detailed graphics and smooth animation. Plus, it features the largest Lynx Bosses ever to hit a Lynx screen. The controls are a bit unresponsive, because of the many functions jammed into the limited control options. However, the limitation doesn't hinder the game play or the fun. The digitized soundtrack and slick heavy metal music enhance the intense action. Factor in Power Factor on your Lynx wish list today!


  • Chart the quickest and most direct way to the zone exit.
  • You're momentarily invulnerable when you stand directly on top of floor-mounted cannons.
  • You can't store any more fuel than the gauge registers, so don't waste a fuel icon if you're already full. Come back for it later.
  • If you're completely out of fuel, it'll regenerate a little by itself if you give it enough time.
  • You have the upper hand, because you can shoot diagonally.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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