Princess Project

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a game by Triangle!
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Princess Project
Princess Project
Princess Project
Princess Project

Ok, so I know that Princess Project is yet another RPG Maker lewd game, but this is one that has one of the sexiest cast of characters I have come across in a game in quite a while. As a result, while it may not have the most engaging or groundbreaking gameplay, I do feel that there is more than enough meat on the bone (and on Meeyu’s thighs) to make this a game well and truly worth getting stuck into.

I Am Not The Useless Princess!

The game has a fun fantasy setting and I like this. I do feel it could have been a tad more light-hearted in its story, but for the most part, I liked the tale that Princess Project was leaving. In the land of Ailuref, the king has hurt himself and the royal duties have fallen to his smoking hot daughter Meeyu. The problem with this is that Meeyu does not have the best reputation in the land as most people think she is pretty useless!

The basics of the story are that you playing as Meeyu (and some other hot babes as you progress) are trying to improve your reputation in the land. This way the people can love you and respect you the same way that they do your father.

Raising Your Reputation

In Princess Project, the main goal of the game as you make your way through is to improve your reputation. You do this by exploring the land of Ailuref and taking on various missions that will make the people see you differently. You take down enemies and the combat while basic is fun. What I liked about this is that usually in a lewd game you have to die many times to see all of the hentai scenes. That is not the case here as if you beat a boss on your first try, which you probably will, you also unlock all of the losing XXX scenes as well.

You get four very hot babes that you can add to your party as you progress through the game. This adds depth to the combat by giving you more attacks and so on, but it also adds to the H scenes as well. The game is pretty good at keeping you on task and the game, in general, is very, very easy. Perhaps too easy. I could see the majority of people playing this and getting through it quickly and easily.

Meeyu, The People’s Princess

One of the best aspects of Princess Project is Princess Meeyu herself. I thought it was neat how she tries to be a warrior to improve her reputation, but she is also willing to bang her subjects as well. The art style is great, especially the H scenes and the various portraits that the game has. I do feel some extra animation here would have been nice.

The top down RPG aspect of the game looks how you would expect it to look. I liked Meeyu as a character and though her sprite, even in this top down RPG Maker style had a lot of personality.


I will have to say that I had a fun time with Princess Project. The main reason for this I will have to admit is because of how cute and hot I found Meeyu! The premise of the story is neat and I feel if it had gone more the “comedy” route that it would have been a real home run. The gameplay is fine for what it is, I just found the game very easy so I could see some people getting bored due to the lack of a real challenge.


  • Meeyu is one of the best characters I have played as in a while
  • Overall, I thought the art style was great
  • The other girls that join your party are hot too!
  • I liked how the game kept you on task with what you were doing
  • Many ways to raise your reputation if you know what I am saying


  • The whole game is very, very easy
  • I wish the story went for a more comedic vibe

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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