a game by Sunsoft, and Brøderbund
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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As the sequel to Myst, the top-selling PC game of all time, Riven lives up to its legacy. It presents a unique gameplaying experience based on exploring and making discoveries in a lushly detailed alien world.

You move from scene to scene, each showcased by photo-quality still-life graphics, solving puzzles triggered by sounds and interactive items. There are, however, no time constraints or ways to die, which may limit the fun for some. The topnotch graphics, sound, and interface, though, completely immerse you in the world of Riven.

Trigger-twitchers and action junkies will be bored stiff by the intricate plot and immense time commitment required to solve the puzzles and explore all the worlds (spanning five CDs). Those more patient, however, will be completely engrossed by this well-crafted gaming experience. Riven's riveting.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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I've never been a big fan of graphic adventures so I really wasn't expecting much from Riven. Now although playing Riven hasn't convinced me to evangelize graphic adventures, there is a lot more to like here than in its prequel, Myst. The environments are very moody with excellent'music. And compared to Myst, there is a lot more interaction in Riven. Now I know that isn't saying much, but given a chance, it's easy to see this game is miles ahead of Myst. Riven is a game that must be appreciated for what it is, or not be appreciated at all. Being a gamer who cut his teeth on action games, Riven had a weird effect on me. The pace and therapeutic aura of the game is quite relaxing but the sheer vastness of the game is overwhelming at times. Riven is one of the most challenging games I've played in a long time, because you only get the most subtle hints of what to do, so you are forced to explore. Vet another odd effect this game had on me is that it can be so difficult to know what to do that when you do get something right, it encourages you to go one step further. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually recommend Riven. A good game is a good game and Riven falls (or rather oozes) into that category. It's not for everyone, but if you're even mildly interested, give it a try.


By far this month's longest game.to complete, Riven takes a massive amount of patience (and as a result, replacement controllers) to finish. You'll be as entranced by the wonderful backdrops as you are disgusted by the poor acting. The plotline draws heavily upon Myst, so it's truly meant for those players. It makes no pretense of being its own game. I'm sure you'll find yourself totally immersed or totally frustrated.


Riven delivers what Myst fans want: more of the same. If you don't mind thumbing through five CDs of still shots to solve some challenging puzzles, then this game is for you. The art is well-rendered, creating a very visceral world to explore. One of Riven's biggest improvements over Myst is that there is more video and moving parts when you click on things on screen. This isn't my sort of game, but those who like Myst will definitely enjoy it.


There's two ways to approach Riven. The first is to pawn it off as another boring Myst-style game and pass it by. The other is to be open-minded and see what this five-disc monster is all about. I'd go with the latter. Riven may have a mundane style of play, but there's a lot more to this sequel than you may think (in both story line and puzzles). On top of this, the overall design and graphic detail of the game is really nice. Give it a try.

The question everyone will be asking from the very beginning is if the sequel to Myst will be any more fun. It's no surprise that only a handful of console gamers enjoyed the version that came over to us (opposed to the PC and Mac versions). Well, here's a quote from the Web site for Riven (www.riven.com) that sounds kind of...er...delightful?:

"Prepare to enter a world 'torn asunder' by timeless, unresolved conflicts, a world of incomparable beauty, intrigue and betrayal. Prepare to go to Riven."

Myst was often called "boring" and "too calm" for the average action-craving gamer, appealing more toward a middle-aged computer user. But one thing that can't be denied about Myst is that it certainly looks good, from a rendered graphics standpoint, that is.

So what about Riven makes it better? It's still early but there looks to be a more interesting story line, nearly three hours of animations and interaction with a bunch of different creatures and characters (something Myst lacked). So at least you're not by yourself.

The game also features thousands of still images (or scenes) to interact with, a graphics engine that seems to be enhanced, and a full-length musical soundtrack. Of course, the environment is completely different, set in a whole new world. Riven will test your skills of observation and button clicking as you wander around the mysterious land.

  • MANUFACTURER - Sunsoft
  • THEME - Adventure

As anticipation builds for Myst's long-awaited sequel, Broderbund's keeping a tight lid on details about the game so as not to ruin the surprise. But we do know that Riven's set in the future after Myst, and begins as Atrus returns to ask you for help in freeing his kidnapped wife. As expected, Riven will still be all about exploring a fascinating environment, and the development team's also focusing on enriching the game's interactive, storytelling, and visual sides.

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