Cosmic Spacehead

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a game by Codemasters
Genres: Action, Adventure/RPG, Educational/Kids, Platformer
Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesis, Sega Master SystemSega Master System, GameGear
Editor Rating: 6.9/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Cosmic Spacehead
Cosmic Spacehead
Cosmic Spacehead
Cosmic Spacehead

Cosmic Spacehead tries to combine role-play, text adventure, and a comic story line. With such galactic goals there's some cosmic fallout, but also a lot of outer space fun.

Cosmic Calamity

Cosmic Spacehead is a point- and-click text-based adventure, similar to Monkey's Island for the Sega CD and King's Quest for the NES. As Cosmic Spacehead, you travel around and collect items to progress to the different stages in the game. You can combine the items or use them on other characters to gather more items.


  • Flying back and forth in the Teleporters empowers you with some strange side effects. When you transport to Old Lino Town, you'll glow like a flashlight. This might be useful in a dark underground place.
  • Ask to play in the Space Bumper Car. You'll be rejected, but you'll receive a balloon that will help you against a very stubborn alien monster.

In this cartoon adventure, the land you explore is the Planet Linoleum, with such cities as Formica, Linograd, and Cape Carnival. You're trying to get to the car show in Detroitica, although you start the game with nothing but the space suit on your back.

Along the way, you pick up objects like Teleport Keys and Coins, and use them to obtain Passports, Bus Tickets, and other items to get to Detroitica. A menu of interactive commands like Look, Pick Up, Talk To, Give, and Use is at your disposal. Before each city you must get through a cutesy side- scrolling game where you pick up icons to get an extra life. On one level there's even an overhead-view car-racing game.

Cartoon Cosmonaut

The graphics in this game are colorful and very cartoony. As a matter of fact, Cosmic Spacehead would probably fit right in on most Saturday morning lineups. The backgrounds are bright and vivid, and the towns have a very Hanna-Barbera look to them.

Sugar Icing does a great job of freezing some watery areas.

The sounds and music in C.S. lack originality, but then again, what Saturday morning cartoon boasts great music? The sound effects are common plinks and ploinks, and the music is static and mildly annoying.

  • The Clerk won't give you the Targeting Device until you get all the parts for the Missile. You need the Gunpowder, a Match, and the Fusewire.
  • The first two items to pick up are the Old Lino Town Teleport Key and the Coin. Take the Coin to the left and find the Luk-E-Day slot machine.

It's Like... Cosmic, Man...

The real fun in Cosmic Spacehead is the addictive hunt- and-search due-finding that pervades the game. The story is linear, so you won't be able to get past an area without finding or doing something to complete your mission.

You'll need to enter Dodgey City from the front and the back to receive the Driver's License and the Rubber Plug for the Bathtub.

Most intermediate gamers will spend a lot of time with this one, although the graphics are geared toward young players. Younger players will need a little help to figure out the text and some of the clues. Don't let a little reading deter you, though. Cosmic Spacehead will grow on you like an alien space fungus.

Leave some password icons lying around and return to them after you've completed difficult side-scrolling sections.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Game modes: Single game mode

Player controls:

  • Up, Down, Left, Right - Arrow keys
  • Start - Enter (Pause, Menu select, Skip intro, Inventory)
  • "A" Gamepad button - Ctrl (usually Jump or Change weapon)
  • "B" button - Space (Jump, Fire, Menu select)
  • "C" button - Left Shift (Item select)

Use the F12 key to toggle mouse capture / release when using the mouse as a controller.

Sega Master System

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

If you're looking for a great point-and-click text adventure for the Game Gear, there's no need to look to the stars. Cosmic Space-head is now on the Game Gear, and it's futuristically fun.

The story line remains the same. Cosmic wants to get to Detroitica to see the car races, and you have to help him find all the ingredients to get there. To accomplish that, you scroll through items and pick up passwords just like in the Genesis game (see ProReview, February '94).

The graphics retain their cartoon charm and include some colorful backgrounds, while the music is fairly effective. If you have a Game Gear and time to spare, you should check out what's up with Cosmic and help him along.


  • Leave passwords where they are until you go through the more difficult stages, then return to them.
  • Take that balloon that's offered as a consolation prize. There's a certain monster that may need a lift.
  • Theme: Action

Based on Linus Spacehead for NES, Cosmic Spacehead is an improvement over the original. As before, you must find a way to travel through outerspace, and find out if "Earth," the legendary planet, really exists. This game combines action with role-playing elements to make an interesting cart.

This plays like the Putt-Putt games for the 3DO. You use a pointer on a screen to move your character. This is slower paced and will probably be enjoyed more by younger players. The control is sluggish, as well.

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