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The Chessmaster

The Chessmaster, a ported-from-computer game, is a battle of the brains for one or two players.

Virtual Chess 64

Transform your N64 into a powerful chess adversary. The most awesome chess engine adapts to any skill level. Learning is endless fun yet even superb players face the maximum challenge. Brilliant graphics brings this classic game alive. Become the n..
Nintendo 64

Power Chess

Power Chess is the culmination of a long history of chess games that have ranged from Radio Shack hand-held computer chess games to IBM’s Deep Blue.

Online Chess Kingdoms

First off, to even consider this game, you have to at least enjoy chess on some level.

Star Wars Chess

Ini nyone who plays chess can enjoy this game. It is a standard chess game, with the Star Wars characters as the game pieces.

Chessmaster 6000

Dust off those thinking caps, boys and girls, Mindscape is back with the newest version of their popular series, Chessmaster.

U.S.C.F. Chess

The 'Chess Mentor' (the tutorial in the game) not only teaches you the rules and strategies of the game, but it also helps you understand the logic behind the strategy.

Fritz 8 Deluxe

In the software itself, navigation is through a basic Windows menu bar and it's not altogether clear what is where at first.

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