Rome: Total Realism

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Platform: PC
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Rome: Total Realism
Rome: Total Realism
Rome: Total Realism
Rome: Total Realism

Like Us, You might have thought that Rome: Total War was among the best strategy games ever, but according to some people, you're dead wrong. And you probably smell, too. And maybe even wear a cap in the classic jaunty chav style.

Who are these naysayers, you ask. and where can they be found? Why, on the Internet, of course! Point your web browser towards the likes of twcenter forums and feel the hatred flow. Most of the 'debate' might be along the pitiful lines of therr gladaitors???? Rome nver used them', 'Saga is ruining the expanshuri and 'Lolz the egyptions didnt ware hats like that' (no, really), but there is certainly a grain of truth in what they're saying. Rome: Total War isn't too big on historical accuracy, and that readers, is what some people want in their strategy games.

Enter Rome: Total Realism, a massively ambitious fan-made mod that takes the original game, expands the world all the way out to India, squeezes out most of the less than realistic elements and replaces them with stuff that's historically tighter than a post-Norman Invasion chastity belt. The Roman gladiators and Arcani are gone, the Egyptian chariots have been given the old heave-ho, and the tough-as-old-boots Spanish Bull Warriors are nowhere to be seen.

Instead, there are loads more types of skirmishers, spearmen (phalanx-type units are everywhere apart from Western Europe) and missile cavalry, reflecting how things actually were back in the day. Movement speeds have been toned down (particularly for heavily armoured infantry) so that it doesn't look like both armies are full of Linford Christie types, and almost every unit has been re-skinned or remodelled in a startlingly professional fashion.

Settlement and unit names have been corrected, and even the effect and cost of the various buildings has been altered. While it seems to us like quite a bit of the fun has been taken out of the game in the quest for historical accuracy, we can't help but be impressed by the sheer amount of quality work that has gone into Total Realism. In fact, we'd say that it's one of the most professional-looking mods we've ever played - and if you're at all bored with the vanilla campaign, or can't wait for the imminent Barbarian Invasions expansion, it's well worth playing.

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