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Sega Genesis

Techno Clash

Techno Clash Game
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Techno Clash is a top-down scrolling action/adventure game. The player controls Ronaan, whose goal is to track down and defeat the Engine Man.
Sega Genesis

Super Hydlide

Super Hydlide Game
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  • Crackdown
    Crackdown The object of the game is to place your bombs on specially designated areas throughout the level and dealing with...
  • Lord Of The Rings
After the events of Hydlide, Fairyland was all and well until an explosion of flames appeared near The City of the Woods. After that, enemies were everywhere. It's up to the protagonist (Jim) to save the day again.


The star is a 20-year-old sorcerer named Orphen who is trained in the black arts.

Persona 2: Tsumi

Atlus recently released the first screens and info on their upcoming sequel to their hit RPG Revelations: Persona, called Persona 2: Tsumi (Tsumi means "Sin").

Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds

The traditional dungeon crawler role-playing game series is maintained in Wizardry II.

Ya-Se Chuan Shuo

Ya Se Chuan Shuo is an Action Role-Playing game, developed and published by Chuanpu Technologies, which was released in Asia in 1995.
Sega Genesis

Chrono Trigger

It is a console role-playing game published by Square.

Jade Cocoon

Developed by Genki in Japan and published here by Crave Entertainment, Jade Cocoon is a cinematic RPG expected to hit this summer.

Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

In the 12th Century, the Third Crusade was at its apex in the Holy Land.

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

So, you still want to be a hero? Well, come visit Silmaria on the beautiful Grecian-style island of Marete.


German developer Sunflowers is bringing out this expansive RPG adventure sometime early in 2000 in the U.K.

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder is a role-playing game for computers and video game consoles developed by Westwood Studios and published by Strategic Simulations.

Secret of Evermore

The story follows a boy and his pet dog as they are inadvertently transported to a fantasy world created by an eccentric inventor. The gameplay shares many similarities with Secret of Mana, such as real-time battles, a ring-shaped menu system, and ..

Enchanted Arms

Now if they could only fix the stereotypical story and traditionally idiotic hero. Still, this is the first real RPG for the Xbox 360, and if only for that reason, I'm glad to have it.


It's a role-playing game. Terranigma tells the story of the Earth's resurrection by the hands of a boy named Ark, and its progress from the evolution of life to the present day.

Blade & Sword

Set in a pseudo-mythical Chinese environment, once you actually helm the controls you'll notice how Diablo like this game is.

Kings Field 2

King's Field 2 is a first-person adventure/RPG due out for the PlayStation from Atlus.

Brave Fencer Musashi

The Allucaneet Kingdom is under a surprise attack by the Thirstquencher Empire. The attack started while the king and queen were away and the Allucaneet army was not prepared; thus, there were heavy casualties.


The world is in despair as an evil magician threatens to usher in a new order of chaos.

Tales of Destiny

Up until recently I thought I did not like RPG's. Every time a new game was released, I would dread getting started. The funny thing was that after I started playing the game, you could not pry me away from the screen.


The video game characters, Willow and his swordsman companion Madmartigan, resemble to the images of the movie starring actors Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer. In a single-player game, a player alternates between them.

Shadow Hearts

Rouen, France - 1913. One month after her father has been murdered, a girl sits inside a Japanese Army luxury train car heading from Changchun to Dairen.


SNK's primarily been known for its arcade and handheld games, but Koudelka marks the beginning of a new era for this struggling-yet-talented publisher.


The Harbinger: Destroyer of worlds. This monstrous spaceship has destroyed countless planets, and any survivors are used as experiments and slaves of the Overlords.

Saga Frontier 2

aGa Frontier 2 is one of the best-looking 2D RPGs I've ever played.

Digimon World 2

Kiss those high-maintenance monsters goodbye and say hello to the potty-trained critters of Bandai's Digimon World 2.

Suikoden IV

This time around, instead of following three separate stories joining into one plot, _Suikoden IV_ takes a more traditional approach to plot development.

Okage: Shadow King

After your sister became inadvertently struck with permanent pig-Latin disease, your only choice to remove the obnoxious curse was to sell your shadow to Master Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV, or Stan, as he likes to be called.

Grandia 2

Game Show in playable form, so hopefully we'll have more concrete details then. Until then, drool at these...

Unlimited SaGa

As I stated above the game has many problems. Most notably is the seemingly endless menu(s) that must be accessed in order to accomplish anything, even the simplest tasks.


Unlike your usual action games of this type, O.D.T. is very much a character-based adventure.
Nintendo 64

Icewind Dale II

The Baldur's Gate engine has gone through even more refining, as has an updated and more intuitive GUI interface.


In the far eastern corner of the Messina Continent lies the small port town of Parm.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

It's nice to see the occasional role-playing game that isn't formulaic, something that shows the developer took some time to create a plot worth living in a game worth playing.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

The game takes place about a half year after its predecessor as World War I is gaining steam


In Traysia, you control a young man named Roy, who lives in the town Johanna. His girlfriend Traysia gives him a pendant, to remind him of her… will Roy be able to escape from all the dangers that await him on his long journey and to see Traysia ag..
Sega Genesis

Alundra 2

One of the first real Action/RPGs on the PlayStation in the U.S. was Working Designs' translation of Alundra.

Front Mission 2

Square has once again teamed up with G-Craft (creators of Front Mission for the Super Famicom and Arc the Lad 1 & 2 for the PlayStation).

Yu-Gi-Oh!: 7 Trials to Glory

Like most of its turn-based predecessors, the game is quite simple to learn, but due to the sheer number of monsters, spells, effects and other cards, truly difficult to master.

Ultima IX: Ascension

In the words of the Ultima IX website: “Prepare to embark on an adventure beyond imagination with the return of the best selling role-playing series of all time.

Lands of Lore III

STOLEN -- One soul. Taken during hunting trip with family. Last seen with Rift Hounds. If found, please contact Copper LeGré, Gladstone castle.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Tri-Ace itself is developing this sequel to their PlayStation RPG Star Ocean: The Second Story.

Tales of Legendia

RPG's are a genre fraught with conventions that are, more often than not, a hindrance for the everyday gamer.

Arc The Lad 1 And 2

More than 400,000 Japanese gamers have already played Arc the Lad-one of the first PlayStation RPGs-and now the game is finally on its way to America.


Summoner features immense, detailed 3D environments featuring diverse locales, from city slums and sewers to burial catacombs and monasteries.

Hybrid Heaven

A gunshot echoes through the tunnels of the New York subway system. A secret service agent lies dying, and Diaz, with a gun gripped tightly in his hand, flees and stumbles into a strange underground world where a secret society of genetically engin..
Nintendo 64

Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished

Those of you who are familiar with the Sega 8-Bit version of Y's won't be strangers to this game, but you'll also be very surprised!


About nine years ago I found myself, for the first time, downright addicted to a role-playing game.


All of these things came to the Polish town of Korov, early in February of 2009. People died, the city was in chaos, and there were reports of hideous monsters everywhere.


As the young knight, Jim, you must search through the labyrinth to find the missing jewels.


“Nox is fast paced action, set in a land filled with discovery and deceit.” At least, that’s how Westwood’s marketing team puts it.

The Granstream Saga

Published in japan by Sony, The Granstream Saga is one of the more interesting RPGs headed our way this year, courtesy of T*HQ.

Star Ocean The Second Story

Star Ocean also includes an in-depth character-interaction system.

Dragon Valor

With all the attention Namco's fighting games have been getting recently, one might forget the fact that they actually make games other than fighters and racers.

Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty

Aside from the new island, the biggest change is the addition of housing, something that's been clamored for by players since the beta.


Slayer is definitely not a kid's game! This is the first AD&D game on the 3DO and it is definitely worthy of its name.

Panzer Dragoon Saga

The Panzer Dragoon series set new standards in 3-D gaming with fantastic visuals and simple gameplay.


The game starts with an awesome intro video that gives you a brief idea of what you are fighting for and why.