School of 666

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a game by NoDoll Studio
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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School of 666
School of 666
School of 666
School of 666

With School of 666 mixing horror and XXX stuff, it was always going to be a game that grabbed my attention. I love both horror and lewd games so I am always very interested in if a game can pull off the balance of nailing both. I think that this game is well on the way to doing just that! It is creepy as all hell, but it also has a real sexual thing going on as well. Now, as I write this, we do only have what is basically a short demo. Still, as horror and lewd very rarely mix like this, I wanted to talk about it and hopefully get more eyes on this.

Hot For Teacher

I am pretty sure that the premise of School of 666 is something that many of us can relate to. We all had a teacher that we had a crush on or at the very least thought was cute. Well, in this game we play as a character that had a major crush on their art teacher and they have run into her several years later. Hey, you are older now, perhaps she may be interested in exploring an “adult” relationship with you… or maybe she wants something else from you.

The Number Of The Beast

I do not want to spoil anything about School of 666 and to be honest, in the version of the game I played, the demo does not have a ton of story just yet. There are more than enough breadcrumbs to give you an idea of where it is all going. Turns out the teacher we lusted after all those years has been into some very, very dark stuff. Stuff that may see us struggle to get out of this situation we have found ourselves in, in one piece. In many ways, this has a very Japanese kind of feel about the story, think of something like The Ring or The Grudge and you will have an idea of what to expect here.

How Did That Hole Get In The Canvas?

While it was the mixture of horror and boobs that drew me to School of 666. The fact that this is a first-person horror game also had me very intrigued. You explore this creepy as hell looking school and you have to solve a series of puzzles. So far in the demo that I played, the puzzles are mostly about finding items to use figuring out where to go, and so on. The game controls well enough, but I did end up crashing the game on a few occasions when I was trying to go off the beaten path to see if I could see stuff I was not supposed to just yet.

Getting An A On My Report

Visually, School of 666 looks ok, it is not going to blow you away, but the school looks creepy and the teacher is pretty hot. Although, the fact she is kind of messed up may be why I dig her, hey what can I say, I love crazy chicks! The trailer showed more lewd content than I saw in the demo so either I have not done what was required to see it or the real XXX stuff is going to be added in a future update. I do think the game needs a bit more polish, but so far, it is looking pretty good.


Even though what we have here so far is pretty much just a demo, School of 666 is a very interesting game and one that I am going to be following the development of really closely. You can support the developer on Patreon if you want to get access to the updates as they drop. If you like horror and lewd games, I highly recommend that you take a closer look at this, it has all the makings of something really cool when it is all done.


  • I liked the creepy school setting
  • The teacher is hot and disturbing
  • The first-person puzzle gameplay is showing a lot of potential
  • Some of the XXX stuff shown looks good


  • The demo did crash on me a few times
  • Not sure how quick the updates on this will be

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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