Shaggy's Power

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a game by Fin
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Shaggy's Power
Shaggy's Power
Shaggy's Power
Shaggy's Power

The van keeps driving four mystery seekers to the creepiest parts of the cities, what danger awaits the famous four in the erotic visual novel, Shaggy's Power. Strange medallions are best left untouched and Shaggy should have known better than anyone, but it's so hard to resist the alluring otherworldly light. Where will Shaggy's carelessness lead him.

A new mystical journey

A mysterious mansion rumored to be haunted by a ghost terrorizing a neighboring settlement. Ghostbusters are in another cartoon, and the otherworldly guests need to be exorcised. On such a dangerous mission, the most professional squad, the Mystic Corporation, departs. Four teenagers and Scooby-Doo's faithful dog are ready to come to the aid of the suffering residents. Fred, Shaggy, Velma and Daphne get separated and this is the beginning of the company's worst mistake. Shaggy finds a strange, alluring locket that was passed down to the owner of the estate.

Money in Dirty Ways

Shaggy can't resist the medallion's call and frees the ancient evil that has been waiting to happen all along. Fred tries to stop Shaggy's new body owner and falls into a coma, and Scooby is turned into a stone statue. Already-Ne-Sheggie wakes up in the hospital, where Daphne and Velma anxiously report the current state of affairs. Fred is in a coma, there is no money for treatment, and Scooby has disappeared without a trace. However, the demon inside Shaggy already knows exactly what to do and how to handle everything, even if he has to sin a little in the process.

The demon's choices are enormous

Seeking money in a corrupt world isn't easy, but at least the demon must have done well. You can use the demonic abilities not only to make money, but also to seduce the local residents or pretty succubi from the infernal cauldron. In general, you can have fun and earn sin points, which are required to return demonic powers, with many ladies:

  • Velma is one of the four main characters. A know-it-all in love with Shaggy. She is a kind and sympathetic girl, maybe too sympathetic, someone might want to take advantage of that.
  • Daphne - Fred's girlfriend and the main fashionista of the company. She is a bold girl who always expresses even the most hurtful thoughts and doesn't even try to hide her attitude towards everything.
  • Succubus - straight from the depths of hell, a Succubus came to the service of a demon in Shaggy's body. The helper from hell is pretty damn good and could replace the whole town in bed if need be
  • Realtor - Normally a realtor is supposed to negotiate contracts, but demons are pros at it. New Shaggy manages to rent an affordable cheap place and agrees to a discount, giving up nights in the realtor's bed as payment

Though the demon's powers allow you to do anything, they are also limited. Bed scenes require human magic or, simply put, dialogue. Each choice affects the relationship with the heroines, but unlike novellas like Dream Daddy, it is very difficult to understand how your choice affects the relationship with the character.


Sometimes mystery stories should stay where they started. The hobbies of four mystery-seekers ended in an accident that could only happen at a paranormal-related job - one of the company members was possessed by a demon. It's up to the player to play as the possessed Shaggy and find ways to sin more. Restore the ancient forces of evil in the erotic visual novel - Shaggy's Power.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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