Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

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a game by Cypress Zeta
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Snow Daze: The Music of Winter
Snow Daze: The Music of Winter
Snow Daze: The Music of Winter
Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Let me tell you, I thought that Snow Daze: The Music of Winter was fantastic, and as weird as this may sound, it is one of the top lewd games that I make sure I play during the winter months. I first played this a couple of years back and I have played through it multiple times since then. You know how we all have those games that we can play through time and time again and never get sick of them? Well, that is exactly the kind of relationship I have with this fantastic lewd visual novel.

The Best Kind Of Snow Day!

The idea of Snow Daze: The Music of Winter is that we play as a young dude called Jason. We are hit with a brutal winter that sees us snowed in the house for several days. We live with our hot stepmother Noelle and our stepsisters, Kira, Jane, and Sarah. I like how they made them all “step” siblings as this is much easier to get into. Jason discovers that if he plays his music backwards, it puts his family into a very “suggestive” kind of state if you know what I am saying.

Hey, He Still Has To Work For It

What we basically have here with Snow Daze: The Music of Winter is a corruption style of story. We have this music that does put our stepmom and siblings into a state where we can manipulate them into having sex with us. However, it is not just a case of spinning a record and they drop their panties! We still have to talk to them and try to get them on our side and lower their inhibitions bit by bit and then we can bang them. Yes, the whole hypnotic thing has been done to death in lewd games, but I really do this the way this goes about it is a lot of fun. We have to make various choices as you would expect to move the story along. Each lady of the house has her own story that we can experience and there is plenty of reason to play through this more than once.

If You Like Them Thick, This Is Perfect For You!

Above all else, the art in Snow Daze: The Music of Winter is absolutely stunning and easily more than enough to make people want to play through this lewd visual novel! Each of the three ladies has their own style, from the mom being a big tiddy milf to Kira being the brains, Jane being a jock and Sarah being a bit more friendly and sometimes slutty. The character designs are great, they all have thick thighs and huge boobs and they have been given very expressive faces. I would have liked it even more if we had full animation as for the most part, the visuals are still with just a tiny bit of animation.

She Can Talk!

One of the most surprising aspects of Snow Daze: The Music of Winter is that this game has full voice acting and not only that, it is pretty damn good voice acting too. I do not know what it is, but it makes the game even hotter. Each of the ladies is fully voice acted and you can tell that the voice actors were having a blast with the crazy story that they were having to perform. Not many lewd games have full American voice acting so it is awesome that this one does.


What more can I say about Snow Daze: The Music of Winter? This is such a fantastic game! It has a story that is fun and is not taking itself too seriously at all which is always something I love. However, it is those amazing visuals and the voice acting that cement this as one of the top “winter” themed lewd games I have ever played. If the XXX scenes were fully animated, I would easily have given this a 10/10, that is how much fun I had with it!


  • Each of the four ladies is hot in their own way
  • I loved how thick they were and that they had huge boobs!
  • This has some of the most fun voice acting ever in a lewd game
  • It has multiple ways the story can go so it has plenty of replay value


  • It is a real shame that there is not full animation in the game
  • I legit have no other complaints about this game!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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