Soldier Blade

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a game by Hudson Soft
Platform: PC Engine (1992)
User Rating: 8.5/10 - 4 votes
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Soldier Blade
Soldier Blade
Soldier Blade
Soldier Blade

Soldier Blade is the newest member of the Super Star Soldier series. This new shooter has three weapons that have three levels of power as well as distinctive special weapons associated with each one. For further destructive force you can pick up a droid to assist you on your quest. There are also three different speeds to choose from. All of these power-ups are needed to contend with huge ships and larger bosses.

People say:


l like a good shooter as much as the next guy, and although this game shares a lot in common with blast-a-thons of years gone by, it still dishes up some nice levels of action. My only serious complaint is a lack of power-ups and the inability to really juice up the screen with mega-weapon upgrades. A nice cart anyway.


It seems like deja vu, but is TurboGrafx cloning its previous shooters? This game suffers a bit from a lack of power -ups and different levels of power. Game play is good as are the graphics and sound, but it could use a bit of spicing up. Yet it's overall action and quality remain above average.


For some odd reason, all of the shooters that have been released for the Turbo look and play like Blazing Lasers. The graphics and sounds are above average and the game play is very good. There's not much originality here, but you get a solid shooter that's high on action and fast-paced fun.


Sorry to say, but Soldier Blade is just another average shooter for the Turbo-Grafx-16. It has no original storyline, no original weapons, and no original musical scores. It would appear to be a hastily crafted title to herald the coming of the soon-to-be- released TurboDuo. Something that needs fresh fish to fry.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Got an itchy trigger finger? Get ready to scratch. Soldier Blade's an awesome one-player, vertically-scrolling space shooter in the tradition of TG-16 classic, Blazing Lasers.

Blazing Blade

Rocket straight into the 21 st century and climb aboard Soldier Blade, a heavy fighter craft designed to annihilate alien attackers. Each of Soldier Blade's levels features gorgeous graphics, very similar to those of Blazing Lasers. Cool tunes accompany the action, which flashes tons of sprites on-screen with nary a flicker or slowdown in sight. Middle and end bosses pack enough firepower to blister even the hands of experienced space jockeys.

Weapons-wise, Soldier Blade has a standard space shooter system of weapons and power-ups. Blast enemy craft and creatures, and three differently colored power-ups appear. Gather power-ups of any one color to fully charge one of three weapon systems: Maximum Heat Trace, Sweeper Blade, and Chase Blaster. The Super Shells are an excellent addition to the standard weapon system. Each time you snag a power-up unit, you earn one Super Shell, but you max out at three. Super Shells give you invincibility for several seconds and wreak havoc on alien attackers.

In addition to the normal game, Soldier Blade also has two and five-minute Challenge Modes. Go for the top score against a friend.

Tough Ttirbos

Even with continues, Soldier Blade packs enough star firepower to challenge the most seasoned space veterans. If you loved Blazing Lasers, don't miss Soldier Blade. If you've never seen either, blast off with both just to see two high-quality shooters. Soldier Blade will make you want to be one of the proud, the few...a TG-16 owner.


  • After you're destroyed by an alien attacker, a power-up will float down the screen. Grab it-you'll need it! If you snag a power-up when your weapon is already fully powered, you get a Burst Out, which does damage to your enemy.
  • Save Super Shells for big bad bosses, such as the Operation 3 Tank.
  • Start sweating! Soldier Blade bosses like this one are almost impossible to beat.

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