Gate of Thunder

a game by Hudson Soft, and Red Company Corporation
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC Engine TurboDuo
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Gate of Thunder
Gate of Thunder
Gate of Thunder
Gate of Thunder

If you thought shooters couldn't get much better, you thought wrong! Gates of Thunder for the Turbo Technologies Super CD-ROM is the best space combat game to zoom across your screen yet.

In this fast paced shoot-em-up, you are acestar fighter, Hawk, on a mission to stop an evil crime syndicate called Oberon from destroying the peaceful planet Aries. Oberon's got the hots for Aries' super energy ore called Starlight. You must fight off its huge space armada with your ship, the Hunting Dog.

A Legend in die Making

In this awesome, multi-scrolling, side-view shooter, you face seven levels of thumb-busting, eye-popping action. You want a video workout? You got one!

At least you aren't alone. Your beautiful partner, Esty, pilots the arsenal ship Wild Cat, which drops off power-ups for you in mid-battle. There are three different blasters-Lasers, Sonic Waves, and Napalm. Each blaster has three levels of intensity. In addition to the blasters, you can carry missiles and shield units.

It's a Blast!

Gates of Thunder will invade your brain with awesome challange and unbelievable game play. It packs some of the richest background graphics ever seen in a TurboGrafx-16 game. The sound effects are no slouch either, with 50% digitized for awesome realism. Last but not least, the music fits the action perfectly with good old heavy rock & roll. If you plan to sit behind the controls of a Turbo Technologies Super CD-ROM system, have Gates of Thunder explode across your screen!


  • Your shield can only take three hits. Make sure that your shield is fully powered before you enter into any sticky situation.
  • Quickly tap the fire button twice. Your cannons become tail guns!
  • Fully-powered Laser Cannons are devastating against bosses.
  • Use the Sonic Wave in wide range attacks against head-on enemy raids.
  • Napalm Cannons can wipe out enemies along the ceiling and the floor.

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Game Reviews

Awesome! Gates of Thunder looks like one of the hottest shooters of all time. This CD's currently burning up RC. Engine Duo's in Japan. If you're a shoot -'em-up fan, you'd better start loosening up your trigger fingers now.

In Gates of Thunder, you join forces with a super team of hotshot, space pilots. Your interplanetary defense faces overwhelming odds versus a fierce invading alien force. Great-looking, cinema sequences make the story as enticing as the action.

You'll fly across 8 levels of monster, shoot-em-up fighting. TTie action here is almost frighteningly fast. The game slings a blinding number of sprites at you. You'll also have to fly and fight through some very T-l-G-H-T spaces to have any hope of seeing the end screen. Naturally, your space fighter can grab all sorts of radical power-ups, and you'll need 'em.

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