Iron Angel of The Apocalypse

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a game by Synergistic Software
Genre: Action
Platform: 3DO
Editor Rating: 6.2/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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People say:


This game really could have been cool if only it was laid out a bit better and the control was improved. Iron Angel suffers from the problem plaguing a lot of other first-person games. The screen moves forward at an unbearable rate, and the collision is so tight, you'll hit walls too easily. The story is good, but most players will tire of the constant repetition. You won't even change your weapon until about six levels in. I'd pass this game up. It just seems to be out of date.


If trying to say the name of this game to your friends doesn't drive you nuts, the game most likely will. The movement is agonizingly slow and choppy. This seems strange as there are many other first-person perspective games with perfect scrolling. If you're into involving story lines. Iron Angel of The Apocalypse has a lot to offer, but without great control, you're left with a substandard game. As a wise man once said. 'Try before you buy.


This seems to be a recurring problem with many games on a CD platform. Like many others. Iron Angel of the Apocalypse is heavy on the full-motion video and very light on the play control and game play. For example, the scrolling of the playing area is so choppy that it hinders precise movement. In some cases, the controls seem to be unresponsive. Very frustrating! The onfy bright side to the game is its intriguing story, but that's not enough to make me like it.


Unfortunately Iron Angel of the Apocalypse falls in to the same category as most CD games. They spend far too much time and effort on full-motion video and not enough on the actual game. It seems hard to control at times and lacks enough precision to make you really get into it. I'm not a big fan of the first-person flyers of this type where you bounce off walls and such. The game does boast an excellent story line for those into this type but its all too repetitive for me.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Another Doom clone (and a badly made one at that), Iron Angel blends a sinister story line with some pretty impressive introductory graphics. Unfortunately, the gameplay never rises to the level of Doom.

Apocalypse Cow

Iron Angel suffers from one big problem-slowness-and several smaller flaws, like the lack of exciting enemies or secret areas. Although you see some eerie and provocative graphics in the introduction, you never see anything like that in the game.

Your task is to stop a mad scientist from creating a mechanized army of killing machines. The action takes place in his high-rise lab.

The gameplay is as simple as the premise. You find a gun, blast a lot of silly-looking enemies and leave.

You also find power-ups like shields and ammo clips, but you won't need too many because the enemies are few. You go from room to room looking for the exit in a tedious maze of similarly styled areas.

Tin Angel of the Apocalypse

The sounds don't do any more justice to the game than the lame graphics do. You'll hear some basic explosions, but there's no speech during the game play.

Music? Again, just in the intro. If you could play the intro, this review would be very different.

Iron Angel is a moody, pseu-dodramatic Japanese tale that looks great in concept but fails in actual gameplay. You could say that this one was Doomed from the beginning.


  • Hits don't register until you see sparks tty. You may have to back up to register a hit.
  • If you enter a room and spy the exit, run for It, then turn around. You usually blow past any doorway-hrting enemies.

After the most ridiculously long intro in video game history, you finally get to the core of this game and immediately you yearn for the excitement of the intro.

A sequel to last year's dud, Iron Angel, this game is just as boring and fails to |arn a place among 3DO corridor classics like Wolfenstein. The static graphics offer up similar-looking robotic enemies and bland backgrounds. The sound is a one-trick pony: The same weird music pulsates through each level, and gunshots and explosions sound muffled.

Controlling your mech through these halls is a chore because of unresponsive controls. Stay away from this stodgy corridor shooter unless you were a fan of the first one, which didn't add a lot to the genre, either. No deposit means no Return.

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