Arena Maze Of Death

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a game by Eden Entertainment Software
Genre: Action
Platform: GameGear
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Arena Maze Of Death
Arena Maze Of Death
Arena Maze Of Death
Arena Maze Of Death

People say:


Sega's had a lot of practice making their 8-Bit Came Gear games look decent, and their latest game, Arena, far outshines many of the latest Genesis titles. This game reminds me a lot of the older 16-Bit Shadowrun game with the way its perspective lies, as well as the theme. Arena is an action-packed three-fourth scroller that has you searching maze-like structures for items and exits. The gameplay is fairly solid. The only control flaws are with the inaccurate shooting. Seeing as how ammunition is limited, it's better to avoid enemies altogether. The inherent weakness of the Game Gear's sound capabilities is apparent with the annoying sound of your shots. Games like this should hold the Game Gear for some time.


Arena is a typical action game where your main goal is to run around and collect an arsenal of weapons in order to take out as many enemies as possible. There's nothing special here that we haven't seen before on the Genesis, but that's the best part The graphics and gameplay in Arena comes dose to a 16-Bit title. You start the first level with a knife and a normal weapon. When searching through the levels, you will come across hidden items such as weapon power-ups, door keys and occasionally a free guy from time to time. What makes Arena a great game to play is the simple fad that its overall best characteristic is how fun it is to play. Game Gear owners keep an eye out when this one hits the shelves.


There are fewer and fewer games being released for the Game Gear, which makes it harder to find a good title worthy of renting or buying. Look no further because Arena is it This three-quarter perspective action game is not just another shallow shooter. Arena consists of in-depth levels filled with many moving platforms, teleporters and switches that move hindering obstacles. The graphics are surprisingly clean, and rival some 16-Bit titles The control is great-a must for a three-quarter perspective game of this nature. Those looking for a good Game Gear game must take a look at Arena. It is one of the most impressive Game Gear titles I have seen in quite a long time.


The Contra-style portable game in which you are in control of a character in a three-fourth perspective brings players a complex and in-depth title on a portable system. Arena features great power-ups such as multiple weapons, health recharges and pass keys to keep play excitement high as the player searches through multiple levels filled with nasties in an appropriately staged arena setting. Moving platforms, switch-operated obstacles and teleporters can also be found in the levels and are a lot of fun to try and figure out their secrets. If you are constantly on the go and want a great title with the equivalent power of a 16-Bit release in the palm of your hand, i be sure to pick up Arena. Game Gear game of the year in '96?

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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