Teen Witches Academy

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a game by Drunk Robot
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Teen Witches Academy
Teen Witches Academy
Teen Witches Academy
Teen Witches Academy

I am not sure if the developer of Teen Witches Academy will ever go back and complete the game, but I recently came across this and wanted to give it a chance. Think of what we have here as an extended demo and you will probably not get mad that the story is not complete. Speaking of story, it was that which attracted me to the game, well that and the vast amount of hotties that were on the title banner. I can see some real promise with this and it is a shame the developer never stuck with it.

It’s A Kind Of Magic!

The setup for Teen Witches Academy is super weird, almost like it is from a completely different game. The main character who looks like a kind of cracked version of Geralt from The Witcher is a very powerful mage. He was used by the Magic World Council to help win this big brutal war. However, he was banned by the council, but he has a way back in as there is this big lord of corruption that is offering him a chance to regain all of his power.

Those Who Can’t, Teach

Turns out the way we can get our power back is by working as a headmaster at a magic school! Yeah, Teen Witches Academy is very strange in that we have this big epic Lord of the Rings style build up with a powerful mage taking part in a war and losing his power. Then we have a drama at a school of magic where we need to corrupt the sexy young witches and perhaps a few of the older ladies who are part of this world too.

Throwing It All In A Cauldron

There are many elements to the gameplay of Teen Witches Academy. What we have here is a lewd RPG adventure game. We have different areas we can go to, plenty of characters we can interact with, quests to partake in, and even some magic based combat too. I think that the bones for a solid game are certainly here, but the grinding of the stats here is crazy! There are various stats in the game as you would expect, but they rise so slowly that the repetition here really gets on your nerves. To be fair, this could have been something the developer intended to fix later on, but in the state that the game was left in, I can see the grind being a real turn off for many people.

Geralt’s Perverted Brother

Actually, Geralt was not shy about partaking in some XXX activities, was he? Anyway, Teen Witches Academy is a solid looking game, the ladies look fantastic and they manage to look young, but clearly, they are all “of age” so there is nothing creepy here. There are also a few older characters too which I liked. There is not a ton of XXX content in the game, but what is here is decent, well as far as the ladies go. Our MC has a very weird penis that looks like it is made out of plastic.


As I got to the end of what was on offer in Teen Witches Academy, I felt like it was not fair for me to give the game a score out of ten as it clearly had a long way to go. What is here is not bad at all, I think that the story was weird, but there was something interesting about it and as a corruption story, a mage trying to get his power back through corruption is something that I feel is a solid idea. I must say that if the game was to be worked on again, the grinding is the first thing that needs some major work done on it as it is way too much!


  • I liked how the MC looked a bit like Geralt
  • There is a solid selection of attractive ladies in the game
  • They tried to keep the gameplay varied
  • I think that they had something with the story here


  • The grinding in this game is brutal!
  • The game does not look like it will ever be completed

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Teen Witches Academy is an erotic visual novel that tells the story of an upcoming magical battle and the journey of its main participant. With great power comes vanity, power intoxicated the hero so much that the Magical Council chose exile as the only way to appease his ambition. Stripped of his wand, the hero wandered the world until his crushing power was needed to save a world that had rejected him. The dark magician is going to subjugate the world and only you can stop him. But first you have to remember the spells at the Magic Academy.

Pros of the game:

  • Animated three-dimensional erotic scenes
  • Your choices can help you deal with the final battle

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