The Night of the Rabbit

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a game by Daedalic Entertainment
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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The Night of the Rabbit
The Night of the Rabbit
The Night of the Rabbit
The Night of the Rabbit

Transport yourself to the wonderful world of Mousewood, an anthropomorphic community of animals that exist in a magical world. Follow the very human Jeremiah “Jerry” Hazelnut as he travels around, lead by the curious white rabbit, Marquis de Hoto, and learns to become a magician. A whimsical story that intertwines with a tale of woe and danger awaits in The Night of the Rabbit by Daedalic Entertainment.


In true point and click adventure game fashion, this title involves an awful lot of pointing and clicking, in a similar vein to Grim Fandango. This game is also narratively heavy and requires a considerable amount of listening and reading, so if that is something you have an interest in, this should be right up your alley.


The story follows Jerry, a 12 year old aspiring magician who, on the last days of his summer vacation, finds a formula for a magic spell. After putting all the ingredients together, a travelling case with a large anthropomorphic white rabbit appears and introduces himself as the Marquis de Hoto.

After this point, Jerry travels to many alternate universes and learns more magic. To avoid spoilers, I shan’t explain much more but I will tell you that I really, really enjoyed it all. Brilliant themes centred around mystery and intrigue, taking place mostly in Mousewood, a wonderfully colourful world where mice, rabbits, hedgehogs and owls live lovely and incredibly aesthetically pleasing lives. Jerry also has the opportunity to travel to a few other realms via portal, but these are largely brief glimpses that offer a small pause from the expansive greenery and quaint little buildings of Mousewood.

Art Style

I was gobsmacked by the attention to detail that’s been put into this game; a truly stunning amount of work has gone into the characters, the environments and all the effects. Everyone looks so distinct and interesting, everything is crystal clear to see and it all fits so incredibly well within the world. This is one of the primo examples of how an art style fits a narrative theme. It is wistful and whimsical but something darker lies just beneath the surface; all that in tandem with the incredible voice work and music makes this a truly memorable experience. It’s all very Alice in Wonderland.

I would also praise the attention to detail given to every scene that appears in the game when it comes to shifting between day and night (with the help of a spell). No matter what part of Mousewood you are in, the time of day greatly affects what the citizens of the town are doing, further helping to breathe life into the setting.

Puzzle Mechanics

Ultimately, the main draw of The Night of The Rabbit is its puzzles. It is clear from its mechanics that it’s heavily inspired by its predecessors down to finding key items to stuff into your inventory and using a special hint coin that highlights key items if you get stuck.

Nevertheless, the game never engages in any hand-holding, and puzzles are often connected to one another, which can lead to a lot of sitting and thinking very hard about what items work where or how Jerry’s spells can be used for optimal effect. It’s definitely a challenge but not one that gets too frustrating at any point.


This is an absolutely delightful game that pulls you in to the gentle atmosphere of a summer’s adventure as a child. It’s whimsical and frequently requires you to think out of the box, and while I would have enjoyed seeing a deeper exploration of all of the realms Jerry has access to, I can’t say I wasn’t charmed by the time I spent in Mousewood.


  • Wonderful art design and voice acting
  • A delightful love letter to vintage point and click games


  • May only be accessible to established fans of the genre, due to the difficulty of the puzzles
  • The alternate universe realms would have benefited from the same amount of detail as Mousewood

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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