Angry Birds Star Wars

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Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3
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Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry Birds Star Wars

When Angry Birds Star Wars came out it was one of those crossovers that I never realized I wanted until it was right in front of me. As a massive Star Wars fan and as someone who has enjoyed Angry Birds too, it was a great mashup and even to this day, it remains my favorite incarnation of Angry Birds. Even now as I write this in my game room I have some merch from this game in the form of a few figures and some plushies I won out of a crane game!

Give Me The Egg!

The humor in this game is just fantastic. Angry Birds Star Wars retells the story from the original Star Wars trilogy, but with the Angry Birds. Darth Vader has captured Princess Leia and wants this special Egg! She manages to send R2-D2 with the egg away and the chase is on. Seeing the plot of Star Wars play out, but with Angry Birds is awesome. Seeing Red as Luke Skywalker and Yellow as Han Solo is a ton of fun.

Quite The Upgrade

If I remember right before this, we had Angry Birds in Space and visually, Angry Birds Star Wars takes a few cues from that game. However, I have always felt that there was a notable bump in terms of the presentation with this game. Things just look a bit sharper and better done. To be fair that could be because they were working with an established IP.

May The Slingshot Be With You!

If you have played an Angry Birds game before, you know what the deal is here. You have a set number of birds at the start of each level and you need to destroy all of the Pigs that are in each level. The game takes inspiration from Angry Birds in Space, but Angry Birds Star Wars has a few awesome tricks up its sleeve.

For example, Luke/Red can use a lightsaber, you can get a blaster, the Might Falcon is an awesome power up, there is a blaster droid, a thermal detonator and I am sure there are a few things I am missing.

Episode IV to VI

One of the things that I like about Angry Birds Star Wars is that it is not too much. I felt that later Angry Birds games went too far with way too many levels and gimmicks that ultimately make playing a quick pick-up and play game not as much fun. That is not the case here with this game. Each movie has a few different levels, there are some boss battles and the game is done. You can go for three stars on all levels if you want after that or you can just play for fun.


I think that Angry Birds Star Wars is a ton of fun and I would have to say that it is probably my favorite game in the Angry Birds series. It is just a really fun experience. While it would be easy to say that it is the Star Wars fanboy in me that is gushing all over this. The fact is, as an actual Angry Birds game, I feel that this is one of the best that they ever did along with the sequel which is based on the prequel movies.


  • I love the Star Wars theming
  • Seeing the classic Star Wars characters in bird form is a lot of fun
  • There is the perfect amount of content in this game
  • It is fun, but later levels and boss battles offer up a decent challenge


  • I still have way too much Angry Birds Star Wars merch in my house!
  • I feel this was the tipping point for the series where it started to get too big after this

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