Time Trax

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a game by Binary Design, Ltd.
Genres: Action, Adventure/RPG
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Time Trax
Time Trax
Time Trax
Time Trax

In the entertaining Time Trax, you play Capt. Darien Lambert in the year 2193. When the evil Mordecai Sahmbi uses a time machine to send the 22nd century's most dangerous criminals back to 1993, Lambert gives chase. Time is not on his side.

No Time Like The Present

This game emphasizes action. You start in the 22nd century, chasing Sahmbi and his gang as they escape to 1993. Exciting run-and-shoot adventures lie ahead, with two levels of shooter-style vehicle fighting (a jet ski chase and a helicopter battle) added in. You're armed with an effective Pellet Projection Tube (PPT) and are an expert at Mash-Ti, a futuristic form of martial arts. You can also slow down the speed at which visual information reaches your brain; this Time Stalling is most helpful when you run through doors or dodge lasers.

Unfortunately, the Time Stall ability ultimately proves to be a disappointment, because it isn't necessary for much of the game. It's indispensable in Level Two, but after that the novelty and usefulness wear off.

ProTip: The shortcut in Level One may be tempting, but don't take it. You'll need the various power-ups scattered elsewhere.

Another disappointment is the effectiveness of the controls. It's all too easy for poor Darien to lose his grip on an overhead pipe or tree branch while trying to kick a gunman. At other times, you'll accidentally activate a Time Stall, which takes time to recharge.

Music to Your Ears

Time Trax does have good sound and graphics that intensify the action. The pulsating soundtrack keeps your attention focused and your adrenaline high. The sound FX are also impressive -- they're distinct enough to help you identify specific weapons being fired.

The first level has the most hidden goodies. Take your time and explore; the items you find will help you later on.

The graphics aren't as dynamic as the sounds, but there are still good details worth noticing: Each of the spiders' eight legs actually moves, for instance, and the huge aircraft in Levels Four and Six are overwhelming.

  • Your Time Stall ability is particularly useful for getting past doors In Level Two.
  • The best way to fight foes is to shoot them from a distance, then finish them off with a punch or leg sweep.

Better Make Trax

Despite its flawed controls, Time Trax is a slick game that blows away much of the competition. If intense action/ adventure games are for you, make Trax to a toy store.

  • When standing in a long, featureless corridor, duck and shoot repeatedly. Chances are you'll turn up something useful.
  • Shoot every wall, then watch where the explosion registers; you'll find hidden power- ups and secret paths.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: THQ
  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Available: May 1994
  • No. of Levels: 8
  • Theme: Action

The network television sci-fi show has just been licensed to the video game platform! Developed for THQ, this title has some of the most original game play seen of late on any home system! Play the part of Darien, a cop from the future, who must apprehend criminals from his time who have traveled into the past to upset the flow of history.

Whatever you do, don't think that this is just an ordinary run 'n' jump action game. Darien is given plenty of moves to provide plenty of diversity, and the levels are equally diverse - offering multiple routes and hidden rooms galore that can be only accessed if you have the right tool handy. Great for fans and gamers alike!

Time Trax is science fiction action at its best. The game's based on the TV show of the same name, where Mordecai Sahmbi, a demented scientist in the 22nd century, sends criminals back in time to change history.

What Sahmbi doesn't count on is that Captain Darien Lambert has followed the criminals back to 1993 to thwart their time-twisting activities.

Past Away

As Captain Lambert, you must cut through wave after wave of time-traveling criminals, using your pellet gun to transport lawbreakers back to 2193. Your expertise in Mash-Ti, an effective martial art, helps in the effort. And when the going gets really tough, you can create a Time Stall, which slows down everything around you.


  • To find a Level 2 hidden bonus, crouch here and fire.
  • To pass Level 2, you have to defeat Sahmbl's laser wall. You can find some safe spots until the laser is in firing range.
  • Push the busts hard to get past them. But be careful -- the forkllft is hot on your heels!

The game's eight levels take you from Sahmbi's lab in 2193 through various challenges in the past. The adventure leads to a final deadly confrontation in Hawaii with one of Sahmbi's assassins.

Watch Your Time

It's easy to take Darien through the bullets and fists flying around him. Familiar controls enable you to avoid obstacles and use weapons. It's a bit more work to hang from pipes and flip around them, and when you get to the bike and jet-ski stages, the controls change. It takes some getting used to.

Time Trax features smooth sounds and above-average visual effects. A good example is the slick screen shimmer during a Time Stall, a welcome sign that Malibu Games is pushing its programmers to create new details.

To blast the 'copter's tall, drive your cycle fast to the right. The whirlybird will follow you. Back off and nail the tall.

Where Time Trax really flies is in the FunFactor. Between unexpected bonuses and the high level of challenge, Time Trax will stay in emulator for a while.

Tick Tock of the Town

Time Trax doesn't push the envelope, but it certainly pushes your imagination. If a juicy sci-fi plot and hot shooting action punch your clock, Time Trax is a good way to pass the time.

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